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Out of 371,504 children born globally on first day of 2021, 3.8% born in Pakistan: UNICEF

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) stated that  14,161 babies are expected to be born in Pakistan on New Year’s Day. According to a UNICEF report, 371,504 children are expected to be born worldwide on the first day of 2021, of which 3.8% will be born in Pakistan. Globally, half of all births will be in 10 countries, with Pakistan in fourth place.

Artist sells priciest painting ever sold by a Pakistani at a staggering USD 822,000

A Pakistani born artist, Salman Toor, has sold his painting in the United States at a staggering USD 822,000, probably the highest ever for a Pakistani artist. Toor’s painting “Rooftop Party with Ghosts I” was sold at Christie’s post war & contemporary art sale at USD 822,000 against an estimate of $100,000-150,000 on Dec 3. Measuring at 46.5 inches by 66 inches, the oil on canvas painting was created by the artist in 2015.

Young architect becomes the face of Pakistan globally with a ‘Top Talents under 25’ award

Young architect from Lahore, Faiqa Asghar, has made Pakistan proud by representing the nation globally with a ‘Top Talents under 25’ award. Faiqa, 21, was awarded under the category of Innovation by the global body and is the first Pakistan ever to have received this accolade. Faiqa was titled as the ambitious future youngest degree holder Architect of Pakistan by them.

‘Talented husband’ of three wives is looking for a fourth one, and his wives approve

A resident of Sialkot has been labelled ‘talented’ by one of his three wives, as he manages to keep them all happy. 22 year old Adnan, is married to three women and  they all live together in the same house. Even so, the wives are now looking for a fourth bride for their husband. Adnan says he spends around 1.5 lacs each month on his family. 

Haya Faisal, cab driver from Karachi motivates the country with her resolute courage

Recently, a picture with details of a female cab driver offering pick and drop services in Karachi, took rounds on social media. The courageous woman turns out to be, Haya Faisal, a single mother of four daughters, looking to pave way for the livelihood of her family through her perseverance. She offers the services for women and families of Karachi.

Transgender told to leave district after being declared a ‘threat’ to peace in Kohat

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa cabinet has ordered the expulsion of a transgender dancer, Chahat, from district Kohat for being a ‘threat to law and order’. The orders were issued after Chahat was termed responsible for death of five persons during a wedding function. Reportedly, two parties wanted Chahat’s attention, but one of the parties became enraged seeing Chahat spend too much time with the other.

Pakistan’s Kung Fu grandmaster from Quetta teaches Hazara children martial arts

Dressed like Bruce Lee, with hair like The Undertaker and Jackie Chan moves, Kung Fu grandmaster Mubarak Ali Shan has an army of children that he trained for years. Mubarak Ali Shan, a 52-year-old martial artist who belongs to Quetta’s Hazara community, introduced Wushu or Chinese martial arts in Pakistan.

Kindness that transcends politics: Pakistani man in UAE devoted to care of blind Indian neighbor

In a touching story of kindness that transcends politics, a Pakistani man living in Dubai has been the primary, live-in caregiver to his former neighbor, an Indian who is blind. For a year and a half, the two friends, Tomichan Puthuparambil Thomas, 63, from Kerala and Mohammed Asad, 36, from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, have been sharing a tiny room with a bunk bed.

Instagram famous Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir, to open restaurant in Pakistan

Globally renowned Turkish chef, Burak Ozdemir, who arrived in Islamabad on Saturday, has announced that he will opening his restaurant in Pakistan. The message he has received from Pakistan is ‘we are together,’ Burak says, adding that he is opening his restaurant in the spirit of Pak-Turk friendship, where he invited everyone to come to eat good food.

Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer makes her way from the streets to court

Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer, Nisha Rao, has made the country proud with her incredible journey from begging on the streets to the court room. Nisha, 28, escaped an abusive home in Lahore and came to Karachi but had to resort to begging. However, after observing the police’s brutality towards her community, Nisha decided to take up the profession of law.