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Not always a good idea to eat raw fish, Sashimi gives woman live worm in tonsil

A woman in Japan visiting the doctor with an irritated throat was told that a worm was living inside her tonsil. Upon examination medics identified a black worm — which was 38 millimeters (1.5 inches) long and still moving — inside the woman’s left tonsil and removed the creature using tweezers. The 25-year-old had consumed assorted sashimi five days before arriving at the hospital.

Pakistan’s first deaf vlogger is here to put a smile on your face in times of COVID-19

Meet Pakistan’s first deaf vlogger, Hassan Ahmed, who is bridging the gap in vlogging world and making content for the deaf. Through his light-hearted content, Ahmed wants to spread joy and also ensure that the deaf community has access to important updates. Hailing from Rawalpindi, the vlogger is brand ambassador of DeafTawk (a tech company for online sign language interpretation services) as well. 

Tragic fate of digitization in Pakistan: PUBG ban hurts unemployed youth and future of eSports

The PUBG ban in Pakistan has stirred up a lot of controversy, leaving the egaming audience agitated and hopeless. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) banned the game following three suicides, numerous complaints and termed it ‘addictive and waste of time’. However, egamers believe PTA has largely undermined the pros, a source of income for marginalised community being the major one.

Teenager left paralyzed after gaming for 22 hours every day for a month

A 15-year-old boy from Nanning city, China, was paralyzed in the left arm and hand after playing video games for 22 hours a day for a whole month.  According to parents, the boy was left alone for the past month in order to attend online classes. The windows and doors of his room were closed at all times, and he was on his computer for as much as 22 hours a day.

Chinese brand SHEIN under fire for selling prayer mats as casual carpets

SHEIN, an international fashion platform of Chinese origin has come under fire for selling Prayer mats as casual carpets. The website was called out by Muslims around the world after multiple users noticed that prayers mats, with images of the Kaabah and Prophet Muhammad’s mosque, were being sold as carpets for decoration purposes. The items were labelled as “fringe trim carpets.”

‘The world needs more Abdul’s’: Muslim man in UK praised for preventing theft

A Muslim man has earned praise from his neighborhood, by preventing bicycle theft at a railway station in UK. A social media user, named Steve Farmer, took to Facebook to recall an incident where his bike went missing outside a station. When Steve lost all hope of finding his bike, he saw a guy approaching him with a smile, he says he can never forget.

Work begins on first Hindu temple in Islamabad

Islamabad is all set to open its first Hindu temple, named as “Shri Krishna Mandir”, to promote interfaith harmony in Pakistan. The groundbreaking ceremony was performed by Parliamentary Secretary on Human Rights Lal Chand Malhi in the city’s H-9/2 area. Pakistan government will bear the cost of the construction of temple which is estimated at Rs100 million.

Teenager accidentally kills himself while recording TikTok video

A teenager boy accidentally shot and killed himself while filming a video for popular video-sharing platform TikTok in Sikandarabad, Karachi. The 17 years old deceased was reportedly filming himself while holding his father’s pistol to his temple when he accidentally pulled the trigger, killing himself. The police stated that the pistol was licensed and belonged to the boy’s father, a labourer.

‘Ring of fire’ solar eclipse to appear in Pakistan on Sunday

The solar eclipse of June 21 (Sunday), also being termed the ‘ring of fire’ eclipse, is the annular eclipse in which the moon passes between the Sun and Earth. A ring of sunlight will shine around outer edge of Sun, hence giving it a special name. The eclipse would be fully visible in Karachi, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department

Pakistani PhD student creates battery that can be charged under two minutes

A Pakistani Ph.D. student, belonging to Bagh Azad Kashmir, has created a battery that can be charged up to 70 percent in just 2 minutes time period. Kamran Ameen, a student at National Centre for Nanoscience and Technology Beijing, says these mobile phone batteries will work on full potential for as long as 8 years.