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PMLN leader Hina Parvez Butt comes under fire for protesting against inflation wearing world’s most expensive brands

PMLN leader Hina Parvez Butt was criticized recently for wearing luxury fashion goods while protesting outside the parliament against rising inflation. In a picture posted on Twitter, she can be seen wearing pearls, wearing Manolo Blahnik heels, and holding a Chanel quilted bag. She held up an earthenware pot, wooden spoon, and carrot to protest the rising cost of food outside the Punjab Assembly.

Five most livable cities worldwide that returned to normal after pandemic

The world today is afflicted by an extremely serious pandemic where many states and cities are facing significant challenges. The cities have been under complete lockdown for months now. Additionally, they lost both their tourist attention and prestigious value. However, some places experienced much better virus control than others. This enabled their residents to get back to normal life relatively quickly.

Woman in Karachi avails Ramzan deal, walks out with 208 burgers in Rs. 26,800

As soon as Ramzan begins, food chains around the world introduce deals and promotions aiming to offer most food at lowest prices. A woman in Karachi made most of such a deal being offered at a well-known international food chain and bought 208 burgers in just Rs. 26,800. The deal demanded a certain bank’s card to be used for the transaction.

Google releases documentary on Pakistan’s most loved food blogger- Mubashir Saddique

Mubashir Saddique and his YouTube food channel on village food is definitely one of the most loved channels on YouTube in the country and its no chance that it has been noticed globally. With a following of 2.84 million subscribers since 2017 from different parts of the world, Mubashir has undoubtedly achieved great success within a short time.

From a waiter at LUMS to a university graduate, Ansar’s hard work tells an inspiring story

From a waiter at a restaurant in Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) to a university graduate of SZABIST himself, Ansar Ali’s story is a perfect example of the power of community and how little efforts can go a long way. Ansar, who had a liking for education, was forced to drop out from high school and work after his father’s sudden demise. 

Homeless single mom paints trucks and buses in Karachi to make a living

Two decades ago, an abandoned old bus that stood on top of a mound of scrap was home to Rozina Naz and her two children. Today, she is an accomplished artist, known as Ustad Rozi Khan, who paints buses and trucks in the very same neighborhood on the outskirts of Karachi. 

University of Lahore expels students after viral video of a public proposal and PDA moment

A day ago, a video went viral on social media, where a girl can be seen proposing a boy at the University of Lahore. The video took social media by storm, with most users questioning the couple’s actions. The video was also not taken well by the administration of the university, who have now decided to expel the students after calling a Special Disciplinary Committee. 

‘The Uni Dating’- IBA students create their own matchmaking app

Looks like students at IBA Karachi are having a hard time finding their soulmates, and hence, have retorted to a fun way of matchmaking. This weekend social media was set ablaze by news of a dating app, called ‘The Uni Dating’, which has been designed exclusively for students of IBA. Believe it or not, students of IBA lamented they have been ‘extremely single’ and were in desperate need of the app.

All about the ‘Pawri Ho Rahi Hai’ meme and the girl behind it

Social media in Pakistan, and even our neighboring country India, has been taken over by another viral meme. From national cricket team to actors in Pakistan, remakes of the viral #Pawrihorahihai have been shared all over the internet. Even Indian music producer Yashraj Mukhate created a mix from the viral clip. But who is the girl behind the meme and why did she make it?

With 80,000 TikTok followers in just two months, Charlie Chaplin from KP aims to raise a smile in bleak times

With more than TikTok 800,000 followers in just two months, Pakistan’s Charlie Chaplin in a bowtie, bowler hat and a cane has risen to success. Usman Khan, 28, from Peshawar, used to sell children’s toys from a roadside stand but during the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed himself into Charlie Chaplin, a century after the silent comedian was propelled to global fame with his slapstick antics.