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US hunter pays $80,000 or Rs17.12 million for trophy-hunting permit of Markhor

US hunter, Joseph Bradford has paid $80,000 or Rs17.12 million for the trophy-hunting permit for a Markhor in Chitral. Bradford used the traditional method of archery. It was for the first time that the hunter used an arrow and a bow to hunt an animal. The horns of the hunted animal were measured at 40 inches. 80 percent of the

Pakistan ranks 154th among 189 countries in UN’s Human Development Index

According to the United Nation’s Human Development Index (HDI) 2020 rankings, Pakistan ranked 154th among 189 countries. Previously, HDI rankings were measured by combining indicators of health, education, and standards of living. This year, the development index included ‘a nation’s carbon dioxide emissions’ and ‘material footprint that put enormous strain on the planet’. The United States stood 17th in the rankings.

President Alvi approves government’s “stringent” and “holistic” Anti-Rape Ordinance

President Dr Arif Alvi approved the government’s “stringent” and “holistic” Anti-Rape (Investigation and Trial) Ordinance, 2020 to help expedite cases of sexual abuse against women and children. Under this ordinance, special courts are to be set up across the country to expedite trials and cases of rape at the earliest. The courts are to deal with rape cases within four months.

Ministry of climate change cancels export permit of Islamabad zoo’s poorly fed bears

Two Himalayan bears which were going to be relocated from Islamabad Zoo to a Jordanian sanctuary run by Princess Alia Foundation, have been barred from leaving Pakistan, animal welfare organization Four Paws said on Wednesday evening. The former dancing bears, Suzie and Bubloo, are the last animals remaining at the now closed zoological garden, after elephant Kaavan was moved to

Pakistani lecturer named among world’s top computer science researchers

Pakistani lecturer Dr Mubashir Husain Rehmani has been named in the world’s top 1% researchers in the field of computer sciences. Rehmani’s work focuses on wireless networks, blockchain, cognitive radio networks, and software-defined networks. He has written over 100 peer-reviewed articles, of which 12 were among highly cited articles by Clarivate. The professor’s research work has been recognised internationally and has received multiple best paper awards.

Mufti Muneeb calls chemical castration for rapists “un-Islamic”

Chairman Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee, Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman, has called the newly-announced chemical castration as punishment for rapists “un-Islamic”. While speaking with a local news channel, the Chairman said that instead of enforcing Islamic laws, the government has adopted a policy of enacting new laws. He stated that Allah had prescribed stoning and flogging as the punishments for adultery and rape.

‘Habitual’ child rapist Sohail Ayaz sentenced to death on three counts

A Rawalpindi trial court has sentenced ‘habitual’ paedophile Sohail Ayaz to death on three counts. Apart from death sentence, the court awarded him three sentences of rigorous imprisonment for abducting and raping young boys and for recording and disseminating the heinous acts. Ayaz has previously been convicted of similar crimes in the UK and Italy before being deported to Pakistan.

Pemra bars all TV channels from airing news about motorway gang-rape case

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has banned all television channels from airing news about the Sialkot motorway gang-rape incident. The ban comes after an order was passed by the trial court on the request of the police, claiming that the media reporting would damage and diminish the evidence so far collected by the police and create hindrance in catching the culprit.

Suspect in motorway gang-rape case confesses to crime

An accomplice of the main suspect in the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway gang-rape case has confessed to the crime. Shafqat Ali, with whom key suspect Abid used to commit crimes, confessed to gang-raping a woman when her car had broken down on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway on Sept 9 even before his DNA test was carried out. The key suspect Abid Ali remains at large.

Hub Dam at the verge of collapsing due to high water pressure, warns WAPDA

The walls of the Hub Dam are close to being breached as massive pressure is being exerted on them, warned the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). The dam, which is filled to its maximum capacity due to recent torrential rains, has not been repaired for many years and meets 20% of Karachi’s and 100% of Hub’s water needs.