How to make money online – Five quickest ways to make money online

The world is full of lucrative money-making opportunities ranging from online gaming to the selling and reselling of products. However, what counts is how much money will one make? Working a 9 to 5 job is the most sought-after way as there’s always a paycheck to look forward to. But now working online makes money for millions every day.

11 most successful young Pakistani entrepreneurs of 2021

Pakistan’s youth has proven itself to be highly talented and creative time and time again. In every field, we have seen youngsters of our country outshine with their ingenuity. Despite the lack of sufficient support and funds from the government, the young generation of Pakistan has been able to start lucrative businesses.

Top 16 Fastest Acceleration Cars Commercially Sold In Pakistan

popular feature among many manufacturers. The goal of automakers is to have the fastest accelerating cars that can outrun their peers in straight drag races. Typically, the ‘0-100 KM/H’ method is used to determine how fast a vehicle accelerates.

Pak Army wins Bronze medal in 58th World Military Boxing Championship in Russia

The Pakistan Army won a Bronze Medal in 58th World Military Boxing Championship held in Moscow, Russia. During the world military boxing championship, Pakistan Army Sepoy Bilawal Zia won bronze, according to a press release from the ISPR. Pakistan has finally won a medal at the World Military Boxing Championship after 11 years. Zia Bilawal won bronze in the 83kg category.

Pakistani sand artists pay ‘sand art’ Tribute to UAE ruler ahead of Dubai EXPO

Three sand artists pay tribute to the Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and Expo 2020 Dubai. They made a massive portrait of the Ruler and the Expo logo on a beach in the southern coastal city of Pasni, Balochistan. Zubair and his artist friends also wanted to do something special for their countrymen in the UAE.

Iraq to purchase 12 JF-17 Thunder Block III fighter jets from Pakistan

Iraq has also closed an agreement with Pakistan to purchase the F-17 Thunder Block III fighter jets. Iraqi Air Force Deputy Chief Muhammad Majed Mehndi arrived in Pakistan to finalize the deal for JF-17 jet fighters with Pakistan. China has jointly manufactured advanced-level jets at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) in Kamra.

French govt bans Muslim Publishing house for promoting Islamic content

France’s politicians continue their targeted campaign against Muslim organizations as elections approach. Right-wing French interior minister Gerald Darmanin announced on Twitter that he would take legal action against a Muslim publishing house for promoting Islamic content. The publisher sold books about influential Muslim figures who fought to preserve their religion. He claims the Nawa Editions publishing house publishes works that are “anti-universalist and hostile to Western values.”

Shehroz Kashif set another record by climbing 8000 meters Manaslu in Nepal

The Pakistani climber Shehroz Kashif set another record by climbing 8000 meters Manaslu in Nepal on Saturday morning, the eighth highest peak in the world. Shehroz Kashif has climbed the third consecutive peak at an altitude of over 8,000 meters. He is the youngest person to summit three consecutive peaks in the past five months. The 8163-meter-high peak marked the fourth summit of his career.

Govt and PPP to have friendly cricket match to show the world Pakistan is safe

The Pakistan People Party (PPP) has agreed to play a friendly cricket match with the Punjab government in front of the Governor House. The purpose of this match is to support Pakistan cricket at a time when international teams are refusing to come to Pakistan for security reasons. The PML-N, however, has refused to play a friendly cricket match with the ruling PTI.

Islamabad Police introduces a comprehensive self-defense course for females

To prevent gender-based violence, the Islamabad Police is offering an extensive self-defense course for females. Women undergo physical training, armed training, and assault course to make them capable of self-defense in threatening situations. The course lasts one month from 4 October to 4 November, costing Rs. 30,000. Female instructors will impart the majority of the training, and male instructors may interject wherever needed.

Former British footballer Michael Owen named as ambassador of PFL

Former English footballer Michael Owen has been named ambassador of the newly announced franchise-based Pakistan Football League. Michael Owen recently signed a 3-year contract with the PFL. In an interview, the former Ballon D’or winner stated the country needs both a league and professional players, as well as something that all fans can get behind.