How to make money online – Five quickest ways to make money online

The world is full of lucrative money-making opportunities ranging from online gaming to the selling and reselling of products. However, what counts is how much money will one make? Working a 9 to 5 job is the most sought-after way as there’s always a paycheck to look forward to. But now working online makes money for millions every day.

11 most successful young Pakistani entrepreneurs of 2021

Pakistan’s youth has proven itself to be highly talented and creative time and time again. In every field, we have seen youngsters of our country outshine with their ingenuity. Despite the lack of sufficient support and funds from the government, the young generation of Pakistan has been able to start lucrative businesses.

Top 16 Fastest Acceleration Cars Commercially Sold In Pakistan

popular feature among many manufacturers. The goal of automakers is to have the fastest accelerating cars that can outrun their peers in straight drag races. Typically, the ‘0-100 KM/H’ method is used to determine how fast a vehicle accelerates.

First Pakistani completes six major marathons in the world to win Abbott Six Star Medal

Dr Salman Khan became the first Pakistani to complete six major marathons in the world which consists of runs in Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City under the Abbott World Marathon Majors. A total of 11 Pakistanis or American and British citizens of Pakistani origin participated in the Tokyo marathon on March 5, including five women.

Parvez Elahi gets appointed as the president of the PTI 

Parvez Elahi was appointed as the president of the PTI on Tuesday, cementing his split with his former party, the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q). “Chaudhry Parvez Elahi, who has stood firm with Chairman Imran [Khan] and PTI since the regime change, has been appointed as the president of PTI. Notification released!” the party said via its official Twitter account while sharing the notification.

Karachi’s famed Assistant Commissioner, Hazim Bangwar, left a career in Hollywood to serve his country

Hazim Bangwar, the assistant commissioner for North Nazimabad, used to write songs and sell them to big music labels and Hollywood singers while in college to earn some money. He revealed that he has worked with Nicki Minaj, Jesse J, and Ariana Grande to name a few. But decided to return to Pakistan to serve his country.

‘Grade 21 or 22 bureaucrat’s daughter received Rs720 million in salaami at her wedding’ : Khawaja Asif

Defence Minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif has claimed that a Pakistani bureaucrat’s daughter received Rs720 million (USD $2.8m) at her wedding in salaami. Not revealing the identity of the bureaucrat, the minister also claimed that a whopping Rs 1.2 billion (USD $4.6m) were collected in salaami at the wedding of the first daughter of the same bureaucrat.

Former army general arrested for ‘hate speech’ and provoking government employees

Police on Monday arrested former army general Lieutenant General (retired) Amjad Shoaib on allegations of engagement in “hate speech” and provoking government employees against the administration. Amjad Shoaib was arrested from his residence by the Islamabad police under sections 153A (promoting enmity between different groups) and 505 (statements conducing to public mischief) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).


“Tent Pegging” as the name suggests is a sport of the cavaliers, it is a cavalry sport of

removing wooden ‘tent pegs’ positioned in the ground from the back of a galloping horse

using a sword or lance. Since the inception of the sport, the greatest challenge of a

horseman hinges on the horseman’s arm movement matching the movement of the horse.

Therefore, success in this sport is based on the rider’s agility, aptness, and intensity of the


Long queues and record-breaking sales, Tim Hortons Pakistan wins big despite economic crisis in the country

Pakistanis are queuing for hours to grab coffee and pastries from Canadian chain Tim Hortons, which opened its first outlet in the South Asian country this week just as its economic crisis took a turn for the worse. Inflation in January spiked to 27% year-on-year, the highest in more than a decade, and the government only has enough foreign reserves to pay for just over three weeks of imports.

Government increases general sales tax (GST) rate to 18%, another petrol hike expected to meet IMF demands

The government on Tuesday increased the general sales tax (GST) rate to 18% and drastically enhanced taxes on cigarettes with immediate effect to collect Rs115 billion out of the planned Rs170 billion mini-budget. The government is likely to drop another petrol bomb on the masses on Feb 16 after it already jacked up the prices by Rs35 per litre on Jan 29.

CTD announces Rs10 mn reward for information on Peshawar blast bomber and facilitators

The Peshawar Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) has announced a Rs10 million reward for anyone providing information about the bomber, who blew himself at a mosque in Peshawar’s Police Lines, and his facilitators. The Peshawar CTD released photographs of the suicide bomber, who could be seen wearing a mask before the attack  – that killed over 100 people and injured 169 people.

SC directs FBR to recover 50% super tax from big companies in one week

The Supreme Court directed wealthy organisations, earning over Rs150 million, to deposit 50% of the super tax imposed on them with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) within seven days, as IMF tightens the noose around government to ‘do more’ for next bailout. The FBR has projected Rs250bn from the imposition of the super tax in FY23.