How to make money online – Five quickest ways to make money online

The world is full of lucrative money-making opportunities ranging from online gaming to the selling and reselling of products. However, what counts is how much money will one make? Working a 9 to 5 job is the most sought-after way as there’s always a paycheck to look forward to. But now working online makes money for millions every day.

11 most successful young Pakistani entrepreneurs of 2021

Pakistan’s youth has proven itself to be highly talented and creative time and time again. In every field, we have seen youngsters of our country outshine with their ingenuity. Despite the lack of sufficient support and funds from the government, the young generation of Pakistan has been able to start lucrative businesses.

Top 16 Fastest Acceleration Cars Commercially Sold In Pakistan

popular feature among many manufacturers. The goal of automakers is to have the fastest accelerating cars that can outrun their peers in straight drag races. Typically, the ‘0-100 KM/H’ method is used to determine how fast a vehicle accelerates.

Google pays tribute to late Pakistani social activist Perween Rahman

Google honored the late Pakistani human rights activist Perween Rahman on Saturday by publishing a doodle in her memory. She led the Orangi Pilot Project, widely hailed as one of the best projects in the country’s largest metropolis Karachi. It is one of the most successful non-profit programs in the South Asian country, helping local communities to escape poverty.

TikTok Becomes Official Entertainment Partner For HBL PSL 7 & 8

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced a partnership with TikTok for the HBL PSL 7 and 8. The seventh and eighth editions of the most popular and highly sought-after T20 league in the world will have TikTok as the official Entertainment Partner. HBL PSL 7 will take place from January 27 in Karachi and Lahore.

Baloch Nationalist Army claims responsibility for Lahore blast

Baloch Nationalist Army, a newly emerged terrorist group, claimed responsibility for the Lahore blast on its social media account. They have appointed Mureed Baloch as their spokesman. Meanwhile, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid stated in a TV show in the evening that Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility, but that intelligence agencies were unable to determine who carried out the terrorist attack.

Punjab police’s official Twitter account hacked, spam links posted

An official Punjab Police Twitter account, DPRPP Official, has been hacked, a spokesperson said on the microblogging platform earlier today. The hacked account has nearly a million followers. Hackers shared piles of tweets within hours and changed the user name to Pʋmp. The Punjab Police spokesperson reported that the department’s official Twitter account had been hacked.

Pakistan Army declared rising global military power of 2022

Pakistan Army has been declared as the rising global military power. According to the recently published Military Strength Rankings 2022, the Pakistan Army has been designated the 9th most powerful military force in the world. The Pakistan Army was ranked as the 15th and 10th most powerful army in the world during the Military Strength Rankings 2020 and 2021, respectively.

Peshawar Doctors Successfully Replace Heart Valve Without Chest Surgery

Doctors in Peshawar achieved another milestone by replacing heart valves. The Peshawar Institute of Cardiology has successfully performed a heart valve replacement procedure without having to undergo chest surgery. PIC spokesman Rifat Anjum said that this was the first successful operation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The operation was successfully carried out under the TAVI procedure.

Newly discovered rain frog named after Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg

A new type of frog has been named after Greta Thunberg, the climate activist from Sweden. Greta Thunberg is the latest celebrity to have an animal named after her. The newly-discovered frog species has been named “Pristimantis gretathunbergae” by a scientific journal. Approximately a decade ago, the frog was found in a mountain range in the Panamanian rainforest.

ICC names Shaheen Afridi, Hasan Ali and Fawad Alam in ICC Test Team of the Year

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the Men’s ICC Test Team of the Year. The team featured three Pakistani players: Hasan Ali, Shaheen Shah Afridi, and Fawad Alam. The ICC Team of the Year recognizes 11 outstanding individuals. They are judged by their record with the bat, ball, or all-around exploits in a calendar year.

Biden nominates Nusrat Jahan Choudhury, the first Muslim woman as a federal judge

Biden announced his latest round of judicial nominees on Wednesday, including Nusrat Jahan Choudhury. If confirmed, she will be the first Muslim American woman to hold a federal judgeship. Biden’s 13th round of judicial nominations included eight nominees, nearly all of whom were women, and only one male nominee. Choudhury would also be the first Bangladeshi American serving as a federal judge.

Blast in Lahore’s New Anarkali kills three, injures 25

In a bomb blast in Lahore’s busy New Anarkali area on Thursday, two persons and a child were killed and 25 others were injured. Those injured have been transferred to the Mayo Hospital. According to hospital sources, nine injured people were in precarious condition. A number of motorcycles parked near the explosion site were destroyed.