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After pigeons, India takes Quaid-e-Azam Balloon into custody in occupied Kashmir

Indian officials spotted a green and white balloon featuring Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s image in the Arnia district of India-occupied Kashmir. The balloon had hearts and Pakistan Zindabad written on it. The balloon was taken into custody and sent for analysis. Moreover, security measures have been tightened due to “suspected drone activity” in the area. 

CDC report says Delta variants can be as infectious as chicken pox

CDC officials say a growing Delta variants is causing serious illness and spreading as easily as chickenpox. The variant was also more likely to break through the vaccine’s protection, but the health authority says such incidents are rare. Furthermore, the CDC report stated that Delta is highly contagious, more severe than other variants.

China plans to activate world’s first clean Nuclear Reactor

Chinese researchers have successfully developed detailed designs for a clean nuclear reactor that doesn’t require water for cooling. The design features a molten salt reactor that uses liquid thorium instead of uranium. This will make the reactor safer in case there is a leak. After the reactor is complete, the reactor could be ready for testing by September 2021.

Algerian judoka sent home from Olympics after refusing to compete against Israeli opponent

An algerian judoka and his coach have been suspended and sent home after refusing to fight an Israeli athlete. Fethi Nourine was scheduled to compete in the men’s under-73kg division. He said he could not compete against the Israeli, Tohar Butbul, in the second round because of his support for the Palestinian cause.

UAE uses drones to create artificial rain to help people cope with extreme 50°C heat

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) National Center of Meteorology created a monsoon-like artificial rain to combat the desert heat. A drone technology known as cloud seeding has been used to create the enhanced rain. Electrical charges are used to enhance precipitation by coalescing clouds and generating water. Further, the country receives an average of only 100mm of rain each year.

Holy Kaaba in Makkah receives new Kiswa to commemorate Eid al-Adha

The Grand Mosque of Makkah held the annual ceremony to replace the new Kiswa, the cloth covering the Holy Ka’aba. The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and Prophet Mosque changed the Kiswa. Additionally, the team of the King Abdulaziz Complex removed the old Kiswa and replaced it with a new one.

EU court allows companies to ban Muslim women from wearing headscarves at work

A top European Court rules companies may ban Muslim women employees from wearing headscarves if certain conditions are met. The EU court ruled Thursday in two cases brought by Muslim women in Germany who had been fired after they started wearing Islamic clothing. Consequently, the court said that employers may restrict the wearing of visible forms of political or religious expression at work.

Taliban claims control over key Afghan-Pakistan border crossings

The Afghan Taliban claimed to have taken control over key Afghan-Pakistan border crossings. Pakistan has closed its Friendship Gate crossing at the Chaman border with Afghanistan. The Taliban released video footage of a white flag fluttering above the Friendship Gate in the Afghan town of Wesh. Additionally, it connects Chaman, Balochistan, with Afghanistan through the Spin Boldak crossing point.

Afghan Taliban will not allow any country to use its soil against Pakistan: Taliban spokesperson

Afghan Taliban spokesperson Sohail Shaheen said: Our countries share cultural, historical, and religious values with Pakistan. The Taliban will not allow any country to use Afghan soil against another country. The spokesperson said no meeting between India and the Taliban had taken place. In addition, he said that no one will be allowed to impose their decision on us.

UAE becomes first Arab country to open embassy in Israel

The United Arab Emirates became the first Arab country to establish an embassy in Israel. Both countries praised the investment and trade opportunities that will facilitate better relations. The president of Israel also attended the flag-raising ceremony. The UAE and Bahrain normalized their relations with Tel Aviv last year.