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UK PM Boris Johnson manages to win the vote of confidence against him 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson managed to win the vote of confidence against him but the rebellion of the 148 of his conservative party members has weakened his position. At least 180 conservative lawmakers were needed to vote against Boris for him to be removed. Boris has secured the support of only 59% of the conservative lawmakers.

LebElon? Lebanese people request Elon Musk to ‘save’ them by buying their country next

Eccentric entrepreneur, random tweeter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk this week bought his favorite social media platform, Twitter, for $44 billion — an amount approximately the equivalent of the gross domestic product of Jordan. Musk’s ambition to “save” Twitter and, as he sees it, free speech, has given hope to some Lebanese people who are asking Musk to now consider buying their country.

‘We’re finished’: Sri Lanka announces default on all of its $51 billion external debt

After weeks of economic turmoil, the island nation of Sri Lanka announced default on all of its $51 billion external debt after running out of foreign exchange for imports. Colombo called the move a “last resort.” The nation is grappling with its worst economic downturn since independence, with regular blackouts and acute shortages of food and fuel.

UK government distances from Zac Goldsmith for tweet in support of Imran Khan

After its Foreign Office Minister Lord Zac Goldsmith tweeted in support of Imran Khan, the UK government distanced itself from his stance saying that Goldsmith’s remarks did not represent the UK government’s position. Downing Street stopped short of rebuking the Tory peer for his comments, but confirmed that UK government “would not get involved in the domestic political affairs” of Pakistan.

‘Are You a Terrorist?’ US Airport Kiosk’s Security Leaves Netizens in splits

A picture of the “advanced level” of security at a US airport against terrorist threats has left social media guffawing. The image is from a self-check-in counter where the in-built system asks a person, “Are you a terrorist?”. It also offers two options: “yes” or “no”. Asaad Sam Hanna, a freelance journalist, shared the snapshot on Twitter. 

Hijab-wearing criminal barrister becomes first to be appointed Queen’s Counsel

A hijab-wearing lawyer has been appointed to the Queen’s Counsel, the first criminal barrister to do so. Sultana Tafadar QC, of No5 Barristers’ Chambers in London, celebrated taking silk at a ceremony at the Palace of Westminster. The Luton-born lawyer with Bangladeshi roots hopes her success will provide inspiration and confidence for other female lawyers from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

YouTube removes Islamic scholar Dr. Israr’s official channel after Israeli pressure

YouTube has surrendered to the pressure of Israeli media outlets and taken down the official channel of Dr. Israr Ahmed which was named “Dr. Israr Ahmed’s Official Channel.” The biggest video sharing website, YouTube, has taken down the official web channel of Islamic scholar Dr Israr Ahmed over allegations of carrying anti-Semitic comments.

Tesla Adds $84 Billion to Valuation on Stock-Split Signal

Tesla Inc. added about $84 billion to its stock-market value, more than Ford Motor Co.’s entire market capitalization. The company is the biggest gainer on the NYSE FANG+ Index this year. On Monday, the shares closed up 8% at $1,091.84, the highest level since Jan. 12. The value addition took place after the electric-vehicle maker said it is planning a second stock split in about two years.

Hagia Sophia, Grand Mosque in Istanbul hosts first taraweeh prayers in 88 years

The first taraweeh prayer was performed at the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque in Istanbul after more than eight decades. For two years since the pandemic began, mosques had been closed to worship for tarawih prayers as part of Covid-19 preventive measures. The historic place of worship was converted into a museum in 1934, and it regained mosque status in 2020.

‘Al-Rihla’ – FIFA World Cup 2022 footballs to be made in Pakistan

The official match-ball for the FIFA World Cup 2022, named, ‘Al Rihla’ was unveiled by FIFA recently. Made in Pakistan, Al-Rihla is manufactured by the second largest sports manufacturer in the world, Adidas.  Pakistan has been the official makers of the official match-ball since the 1982 FIFA World Cup. However, Pakistan did not provide the footballs for the 2010 and 2014 World Cup.