‘Talented husband’ of three wives is looking for a fourth one, and his wives approve

A resident of Sialkot has been labelled ‘talented’ husband by one of his three wives, as he manages to keep them all happy. 22 year old Adnan, is married to three women and  they all live together in the same house. Even so, the wives are now looking for a fourth bride for their husband. Adnan says he spends around 1.5 lacs each month on his family. 

In an interview with a local news channel, Adnan revealed that he was only 16 when he married first. His first wife helped him look for a second one, and second wife helped find him a third. After the third marriage his financial conditions improved drastically, he claims.

Adnan has four children, all daughters from his first two wives. With a business of buying and selling cars, Adnan is very happy with his wives.

His wives never have personal conflicts but often complain about Adnan not giving enough time to the others, he claims. The names of his three wives are Sanbal, Shabana and Shahida and now wish for the fourth one to also have a name starting with ‘S’.