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Unbelievable foods only fearless Pakistanis love to eat

While you may have heard of classics like biryani and kebabs, there’s a whole world of unusual Pakistani foods waiting to be uncovered. Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures, traditions, and cuisines, where the culinary journey is an adventure through a kaleidoscope of flavors. These extraordinary dishes showcase the country’s diverse culture and fearless approach to flavors. From spicy snacks that pack a punch to strange but delicious delicacies, Pakistani cuisine is full of surprises.

Pakistani women chefs stand out at Saudi culinary competition

Pakistani women chefs fared impressively at a culinary competition in Saudi Arabia held earlier this month, bagging four medals after cooking up scrumptious Pakistani dishes in Riyadh. The Kingdom Chef Competition is an international contest that is part of the Foodex Saudi exhibition. Pakistani women highlighted local cuisine among competitors from more than 40 different countries prepared by over 140 global chefs.

From roads to global screens, Pakistani truck art impresses Korean pop band

Pakistani truck art has made waves globally many a times in the past. The popular form of art has inspired gallery exhibitions abroad and prompted stores in Western cities to sell miniatures, becoming one of Pakistan’s best-known cultural exports. Recently, a new video by Korean pop band Blitzers, has shone the spotlight on the potential of Pakistani culture. 

Pakistan pavilion wins ‘silver award’ for interior design

An international jury called to select the best pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai has awarded the Silver Award to Pakistan for interior design out of 192 pavilions. Last week, the Pakistan pavilion won the BURJ CEO Award for “Best Pavilion Exterior Design.” The Pakistan pavilion has been visited by over one million people since its launch in October last year. 

Scottish vlogger under fire for publicly shaming Seaview horsemen over petty fraud

Scottish vlogger Dale Philip drew the ire of Pakistanis online after he posted about getting three horsemen at sea view arrested for allegedly defrauding him. Philip tweeted about the incident along with a picture of a young horseman behind bars. He also uploaded a vlog detailing the same, titled “Avoid this horse ride scam in Karachi, Pakistan”. 

Principal gets suspended for making female students dance

The principal and two teachers of the Government Girls High School Narowal were suspended for allegedly making students dance to an Indian song at a public event. As per details, the local administration held a ‘Jashan-e-Baharan’ festival a few days ago in Naimat Stadium, Shakargarh, where the students welcomed the chief guests with a dance performance.

Pakistani-Canadian opens 22 ‘multicultural free libraries’ in Canada to promote different cultures

In a bid to promote Pakistani culture and other cultures in Canada, Pakistani National Syed Najam Hassan has established outdoor multicultural free libraries. New immigrants like Syed Najam Hassan faced some challenges in Calgary when they arrived in 2009. He noticed that new immigrants coming from different countries in Canada are having difficulty finding books in their own languages.

Pakistani artist Haider Ali decorates Nike sneakers with intricate truck art

The style of painting has become synonymous with Pakistan and is a prized cultural heritage. Truck art is everywhere in the country, from intricately painted Khussas to colorful tableware. Adding to that list, local artist Haider Ali has given Nike sneakers a colorful twist, and his designs have become a hot topic on social media. 

CDA to restore recently discovered 500 years old historical mosque in Islamabad

Archeologists have discovered a historical mosque in the federal capital dating back 500 years. The mosque was discovered by the CDA’s Environment Wing during restoration work on the lotus lake. There is also an equally old banyan tree in the courtyard of the mosque. According to the relevant authorities, the site has been declared an archaeological site.

Pakistan set to reopen Jain Temple in Lahore after restoration

Pakistan is going to reopen the famous Jain temple after reconstruction and renovation. This temple stands in all its splendor and grandeur at famous intersection in Lahore, known as the Jain Mandir intersection. In 1992, two days after the Babri Mosque in India was demolished, a mob attacked the temple and damaged the building.