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No place for history: Four men arrested in KPK for shattering ancient Buddha statue

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police has arrested four men who shattered an ancient Buddha statue found during construction work in the province’s Takhtbhai area of Mardan. Videos surfaced on social media showing a man breaking with a hammer a life-sized statue of Buddha, parts of which were still embedded underground. KP police later tweeted that pieces of the broken statue were recovered. 

PM Imran lifts restrictions on tourism industry

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday announced the reopening of tourism industry, a decision taken after the National Coordination Committee (NCC) meeting. While addressing a press conference, Mr Khan said that tourism industry will be reopened because coming months are essential for people associated with tourism. The governments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan would sit together and make Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Kalash spring festival will be a low-key event this year

The five-day Kalash spring festival of Chilim Jusht will be a low key event this year in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. The festival is scheduled to start from May 12 in the three valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur. The festival heralds the arrival of spring season in the valley after a harsh winter of five months.

Vienna Museum gathers pandemic-related artefacts

Vienna museum of city history appealed to submit artefacts of everyday objects to to document coronavirus pandemic for future generations. Some 1,800 photos of masks, signs and other objects have been received since the launch of appeal, spokeswoman Konstanze Schaefer said. She added that they want to see how they tell their children, or their children’s’ children about what happened in Vienna. 

Pakistan grants visa-on-arrival facility to 25 more countries

Pakistan has decided to grant the facility of visa-on-arrival to tourists from 25 countries taking the number to 50 countries. Vice Chairman Overseas Pakistanis Commission, Chaudhary Waseem Akhtar revealed the news on Monday, stating that the incumbent government has undertaken numerous initiatives to boost tourism in the country. The initiative will also project a soft image of Pakistan on the global stage.

Turkish biker girl believes Pakistani hospitality is unmatched

Ozbay Asil, well known Turkish biker girl, appreciates Pakistani hospitality after her short visit to Lahore. Asil, who travels across the globe, has said that the amount of love and warmth showered by the friendly Pakistani people is unmatched. Asil also said that the food is delicious and she would love to visit the country again in future.

Heavy rain causes damage to historical Lahore Fort

Continuous downpour in Lahore has adversely affected the historical Shahi Qila. As a result of accumulation of rainwater, the entrance and small gate of the Lahore fort has collapsed. The historical Shahi Qila has been listed among the world heritage sites by UNESCO since 1981. However, the much known piece of architecture from Mughal era has been ignored by the local authorities. 

Hefty sum of Rs. 5 billion allocated by KP government for tourism

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), in its financial bill 2019-20, has apportioned a considerable sum for promotion of tourism in the province. Out of Rs. 5 billion, Rs. 3.5 billion will be spent on developing tourists’ resorts across the province. Whereas, another Rs. 100 million will be used to establish tourism police in collaboration with government of Thailand.