Pakistani stuntman with polio impairment proves disability is no barrier to success

38-year-old Pakistani stuntman, Muhammad Usman, who was paralyzed at the age of six with the crippling polio virus can jump over five cars on a motorcycle and pull a car with a chain tied to a sharp knife hung around his neck. There are many showmen in Pakistan who can perform such stunts, but Usman, from Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province, is special due to his disability.

Usman said he never received polio drops as a child because his illiterate parents were unaware of the dangers posed by the virus.

Stunts is not all Usman does. He is also the driver of a passenger coach and a rickshaw, a performing artist for TV and theater shows, and a comedian.

Usman is now training his eldest son who at the age of sixteen is already performing at small festivals.

Source: Arab News PK