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Pakistan introduces law to give one month paternity leave to fathers, but only in Islamabad

The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Law and Justice approved a bill allowing one-month paternity leave to fathers on the birth of their new child. The father will be eligible to get a one-month leave for first three children only. The law will apply to all government and non-government institutions, but only in the federal capital.

Two sisters from Gujrat undergo sex-reassignment surgery at PIMS

Two of nine sisters from Gujrat were turned boys after going through sex reassignment procedure at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad. Sex-change is considered a taboo in Pakistan, however, on the appearance of natural signs of the opposite gender, doctors do perform such procedures. The girls, aged 13 and 15, were brought from Gujrat due to their unusual physical constitution.

Pakistani woman uses AI to add colors to black and white historical images

Maheen Sohail, a product designer at Facebook, is celebrating classics images from the past and re-touching them to fit to the present. Whether its cricket, politics, fashion or marketing – Sohail is putting in extra effort to manually improve colors, trying in to fill the gap artificial intelligence leaves. Despite their efficiency, AI models fail to recognize colors accurately. 

Scientists reply to fourth graders questions to NASA on Twitter posted by teacher in Karachi

A teacher from Karachi, Aimun Faisal on Wednesday posted her students’ questions to NASA on Twitter and her post went viral after scientists and astronauts responded to the queries.  It all began with a class activity where the fourth grade teacher at Karachi’s Cornerstones School asked her students to write down questions about the solar system.

Faisalabadi couple beats the odds by wearing same shalwar qameez since 37 years

A couple from Faisalabad, Pakistan, has beaten all odds by wearing matching shalwar qameez since last 37 years of marriage. No matter what the color and pattern. Muhammad Nasir and his wife Shagufta have dressed up alike. After one year of the wedding, the couple decided to do something unique which had not been done before.

Pakistani entrepreneur turns UK’s iconic red phone box into takeaway restaurant

Pakistani entrepreneur, Tayyab Shafiq, has launched the smallest takeaway serving delicious Pakistani food in three used London phone booths with plans to open new franchises across the United Kingdom. Tayyab, 25, rented the booths from the Red Kiosk Company which reuses old phone booths by way of which he wants promote Pakistani traditions and bring back the golden sparrow image of Pakistan.

14-year-old becomes first British-Pakistani to reach ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ semi-finals

14-year-old, Sirine Jahangir has reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent, becoming the first ever British-Pakistani to enter the show’s semi-finals. The visually impaired singer left everyone stunned with her powerful performance.  The young starlet, who lost her vision at the age of nine, sent shivers down spines with an incredibly moving and personal rendition of Ruelle’s Carry You.

Pakistan’s most famous Chai wala, now owns his tea cafe in Islamabad

Arshad Khan, the famous Chai wala of Pakistan, has now opened a modern style tea cafe in Islamabad. Khan became an overnight celebrity after a picture of him went viral on social media back in 2016. The 17-year-old worked as a tea seller at his local Itwar Bazaar (Sunday market) in Islamabad. However, an aspiring photographer’s picture of Arshad made him an internet sensation

Married for 75 years, 90-year-old goes to court over being denied ‘Haq Mehr’

An elderly woman from Peshawar, Saeedah Sultan, has filed an appeal in the Supreme court for her Haq Mehr. Saeedah was married at the age of 15. After 75 years of marriage, she has still not received her Haq Mehr which is a 3-Kanal and 10-marla of land. Saeedah claims the land is on her name and her husband has also passed away.

Pakistani electrician has empowered six daughters by training them in repairs

A Pakistani electrician, Naseeb Jamal, is defying odds by teaching six out of his eight daughters his craft to help them become self-reliant in the future. Jamal, an electrician for 20 years,  runs a dingy repair shop for electronic appliances in Qasba Colony, Karachi. While two of Jamal’s younger daughters are still learning, four are already adept electricians and their father’s pride.