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Israeli ‘superhero’ starring in next Marvel movie does not tick the right boxes

Palestinians have condemned Marvel’s latest Israeli superheroine character, dubbing the country an “apartheid state”. Israeli actress Shira Haas will play the Israeli superhero Sabra in the forthcoming new Marvel movie. Not only is the character an agent of Israeli secret service Mossad, but her name is also a dark reminder of the gruesome 1982 massacre in the Palestinian camp of the same name.

Love and hate pour on social media over Ahad Raza Mir’s bold scenes in Netflix series

Pakistan’s heartthrob, Ahad Raza Mir’s most awaited Netflix debut with Resident Evil has landed the actor in hot waters. Mir who was featured as Arjun Batra, an Indian refugee of the global T-virus pandemic, can be seen in a seemingly bold avatar for Pakistani audience. Netizens have criticized the actor for forgetting his roots and could not help but compare the fate of his female counterparts for opting to do such scenes.

Muslim convert, Korean YouTuber Daud Kim arrives in Pakistan after performing Umrah 

Korean YouTuber Daud Kim has arrived in Pakistan after performing Umrah and we wonder what he’s up to. The v-logger converted to Islam three years ago. He took to Instagram to share scenes from the airport in Jeddah and his ticket to Lahore. Kim embraced Islam in 2019 and changed his name to Daud.

Fans of PM Khan do not approve of the young Imran depicted in Bollywood movie

Bollywood movie, 83, inspired by the life on Indian cricketer Kapil Dev has been topping the charts on Netflix. However, Pakistanis, especially fans of Prime Minister Imran Khan could not help but notice one particular detail in the movie. A scene depicting a younger version of the PM interacting with Indian skipper displeased a lot of viewers. READ ALSO: FORMER

Sajal Aly removes Ahad Raza Mir’s name from surname and social media is losing it

Pakistani actor Sajal Ali has removed her husband Ahad Raza Mir’s name from her social media, fuelling speculations that the couple has taken separation. Sajal changed her Instagram name back to her maiden name leaving the couple’s fans disappointed and shocked. Ahad’s absence from Sajal’s sister, Saboor Aly’s wedding had also raised eyebrows. He was also missing from wife’s movie Khel Khel Mein promotions.

Ahad Raza Mir will be starring in Netflix’s live-action remake of Resident Evil

Ahad Raza Mir has announced that he will be starring in Netflix’s live-action remake of Resident Evil. While the details of Mir’s character are currently being kept under wraps, the actor took to Instagram to share a poster of the series, captioning it with, “Evil has evolved. Resident Evil spreads to Netflix. July 14.”

Former Indian Minister makes a fool of himself after failing to understand Imran Khan’s political Tweet

In a rather embarrassing burst out, former Indian minister Rajeev Shukla made a fool of himself after failing to understand PM Imran Khan’s tweet regarding the current political situation in Pakistan. In a Tweet, PM Khan had congratulated the Pakistani team for their magnificent performance in the second Test match against Australia after which he referred to country’s political turmoil.

FIA clears Nadia Khan of charges in a defamation suit filed by Sharmila Farooqi

A) in a defamation suit filed by PPP leader Sharmila Farooqi for allegedly mocking her mother Anisa over her makeup look. Farooqi had approached the cybercrime wing of the FIA in January, seeking action against Nadia Khan for her controversial video featuring her mother.

Kanwal Ahmed becomes first Pakistani content creator to be interviewed by YouTube CEO

Kanwal Ahmed, most famously known for starting the Facebook community Soul Sisters Pakistan, has become Pakistan’s first content creator to be interviewed by YouTube CEO. In an International Women’s Day exclusive, Susan Wojcicki spoke with Conversations with Kanwal host and activist about her work and how she is playing her part in bringing women together. Kanwal responded to five questions put forward by Susan.

Qavi Khan’s film banned in Pakistan for ‘not reflect true Pakistani culture’

Qavi Khan’s film along with Iron Man famed Pakistani-British star Farhan Tahir has been banned by the he Central Board of Film Censors of Pakistan. The film named I’ll Meet You There, has been found unsuitable for public exhibition on the grounds that it does not reflect true Pakistani culture, portrays a negative image of Muslims and is against the social and cultural values of Pakistan.