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Irfan Junejo gets featured on YouTube’s official page for his exceptional cinematic content

YouTube sensation Irfan Junejo was featured on YouTube’s official Instagram page after being recognized for his excellent work. Irfan Junejo now represents Pakistan on YouTube’s official handle, as the social media platform regards his work as admirable. On Instagram, the vlogger shared a picture on YouTube’s official Instagram handle, captioned, “Head to Irfan Junejo’s channel to wander into his cinematic universe.”

India’s top anchor, Arnab Goswami roasted after claiming ISI officials lived on 5th floor of a two-story hotel in Kabul

Arnab Goswami, an Indian journalist, has once again been caught on national television peddling another anti-Pakistan conspiracy theory that has no basis whatsoever. He claimed that his “sources” in Afghanistan informed him that Pakistan Army officers were staying on the fifth floor of the Serena Hotel in Kabul. PTI’s spokesperson, Abdul Samad Yakoob, responded a day later that Serena hotel in Kabul has only two floors.

India to launch biggest rescue operation in Afghanistan in its new film “Garud”

Bollywood to launch a movie ‘Garud’ fictionalized depiction of the rescue mission in Afghanistan, based on the story of an officer in the Garud Commando Force in the Indian Air force. They also released a motion poster on their social media accounts on Wednesday. They claim the film presents a fictionalized depiction of the rescue mission in Afghanistan. 

Furious fans call for Money Heist boycott after cast openly praises Israel

Social media users have called for a boycott of Netflix’s Spanish crime drama La Casa de Papel, Money Heist, after a recent cast interview in which several cast members applauded Israel. The cast and creators of the popular series appeared on Israel’s Channel 12 on Friday to promote a new season.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy criticizes SNC for telling young girls to cover up at an early age

Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy criticized the Single National Curriculum for telling young girls to cover up at an early age. She posted a picture of the new English textbook for grade 5 with a cover picture of a 4-5-year-old girl wearing a hijab. She questioned the Single National Curriculum, “and this is the lesson we are teaching our children?”

Arrest warrants issued for Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed for shooting music video in historic Wazir Khan mosque

Singer Bilal Saeed and actress Saba Qamar have both been issued arrest warrants in Lahore in connection with the shooting of a video at the historic Wazir Khan mosque. Warrants were issued for the pair because they failed to appear at the court hearings. Following a complaint by lawyer Farhat Manzoor, an Akbari Gate police officer filed a complaint against the duo last month.

PTV to produce TV series featuring Mirza Ghalib and Mughal emperor Babur

Fawad Chaudhry, Minister for Information and Broadcasting is planning to produce a new series based on the lives of Mirza Ghalib and the Mughal Emperor Babur. Chaudhry has announced a major revamp of PTV after his reappointment in April. Chaudhry not only makes the channel high definition but also helps young filmmakers join the industry.

Pakistan, Turkey to co-produce TV series on Muslim general Salahuddin Ayyubi

Turkey and Pakistan have announced plans to co-produce a television series about Salahuddin Ayyubi. Salahuddin al-Ayyubi was a revered Muslim general who was known to the West as Saladin. Producer Emre Konuk, the owner of Akli Films in Turkey, welcomed the project offer from Pakistan’s Ansari & Shah Films on Saturday. Furthermore, the international project was meant to benefit both countries and the art world.

English textbook features image of angry Pakistani fan to explain word

The ‘angry Pakistani fan’ has made headlines once again after an English textbook featured him to explain a word through his expression. Sarim Akhtar was known for his disappointing response during Pakistan’s cricket match with Australia. His disappointing look has been described in the English vocabulary e-book with the graphical representation of the word, ‘glared’.

Atif Aslam to make television debut in Sang e Mah

Latest social media reports claim renowned singer Atif Aslam will soon make his television debut. The host of the web show announced the news on social media, causing a stir among fans of the singer. Atif will appear in Sang e Mah, the sequel to the popular Hum TV drama serial ‘Sang-e-Mar Mar. However, no official statement has been issued by the singer or production team.