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Pakistani music producer Xulfi accused of lifting Coke Studio’s ‘Tu Jhoom’ melody

Nirmala Maghani, a singer from Umarkot, takes issue with some aspects of the credits list. She claims the melody of Tu Jhoom was lifted from a sample she sent to Xulfi back in June 2021 while eyeing a spot as a featured artist on Coke Studio 14. There was no response from Xulfi to her messages.

Mehwish Hayat joins ‘Ms. Marvel’ cast during reshoots

In the midst of reports that Disney’s limited series will undergo reshoots, prominent Pakistani actor Mehwish Hayat joins the cast of Ms. Marvel. The reasons for the reshoots and additional casting are unclear. The show was originally scheduled to premiere last year, but now it will air later this year. It seems pretty late in the game for new actors joining the project.

Coke Studio 14 Kicks Off With Abida Parveen & Naseebo Lal’s ‘Tu Jhoom’

Naseebo Lal and Abida Parveen kicked off Coke Studio 14 with ‘Tu Jhoom’. The video has already gone viral on social media as fans show their excitement for the new season. Several Pakistani celebrities are fanning themselves over the song, including Mahia Khan, Ahmed Ali Butt, and Bilal Qureshi.

Humayun Saeed becomes first Pakistani actor to star in a Netflix original The Crown

Pakistani superstar Humayun Saeed is all set to appear in a crucial role in an upcoming hit Netflix series. Saeed will be portraying Dr. Hasnat Khan, a close friend of the late Princess Diana, in the upcoming season of The Crown. The award-winning show has confirmed that Bin Roye will star in it.

Humayun Saeed to star in Netflix original ‘The Crown’ as Dr. Hasnat Khan

The Crown’s upcoming season will feature Pakistani super-star Humayun Saeed in the role of Dr. Hasnat Khan. Saeed is the first Pakistani actor to be cast in a Netflix original. ‘The Crown’, a popular and award-winning drama, has cast him as Dian’s love interest in Season 5. Reports surfaced that the actor would play a Pakistani surgeon who was famously smitten with Princess Diana.

Asim Raza’s romantic comedy ‘Parey Hut Love’ wins big at Indian film festival

The Indus Valley International Film Festival named Asim Raza’s romantic comedy Parey Hut Love the Best Film in Wholesome Entertainment. This festival was organized by the South Asia Forum and Creative Heritage. The festival has been described as the first “borderless international traveling film festival” in South Asia. The film Parey Hut Love starred Sheheryar Munawar, Maya Ali, Ahmad Ali Akbar, and Zara Noor Abbas.

FIA Cybercrime wing warns against sharing Alizeh Shah’s viral video

Alizeh Shah has taken strict action against those who captured and shared her smoking video online. FIA Cyber Crime head (Sindh) Imran Riaz took to his Instagram Story on Friday to lend his support to actress Alizeh Shah after a video of her smoking went viral. He said it is illegal to capture, upload, share, retweet, and transmit a person’s video without their consent.

PTV to air ISPR documentary on the Karakoram Highway project

PTV will air “Karakoram Highway – Where Men and Mountains Meet” on January 1. The documentary was produced by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) and Delirium Productions in cooperation with Frontier Works Organization. The documentary showcases the unrecognized sacrifices made by many officials and individuals over the years that led to the undertaking of the highway.

New upcoming Netflix movies of 2022

Motion pictures have been the most loved source of entertainment for decades. Dozens of new films are released each year and compete against each other on the box office. Fans also wait anxiously for months to watch their favorite films in cinemas. But what if you could watch all upcoming movies for free on your television while sitting at home?

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ becomes first pandemic-era movie to smash $1 billion milestones globally

Spider-Man: No Way Home became the first pandemic-era film to surpass $1 billion globally. The comic-book epic has eclipsed that milestone in a record-setting 12 days. This movie is tied with Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the third-fastest film to reach billion-dollar status. Considering that omicron variant Covid-19 has rapidly spread, it’s impressive to make over $1 billion in ticket sales worldwide.