International animal rights group offers to end plight of caged elephants in Karachi

An international animal rights group, the Pro Elephant Network, has written an appeal for emergency medical assistance for African elephants caged at Safari Park, and Karachi Zoo. Earlier this month, a number of activists highlighted the dire condition of four elephants, Noor Jehan, Madhu Bala, Malika and Sonu. The animals were suffering from multiple injuries on their feet and other parts of their bodies.

After seeing distressing videos and pictures of the elephants, experts at PREN have released an urgent appeal for “emergency veterinary assessment and intervention for Malika, Sonu, Noor Jehan and Madhu Bala”.

Members of the organisation are willing to offer “their expertise and provide much needed critical veterinary care to the ailing Karachi elephants in order to prevent their premature death”.

Noor Jehan and Madhu Bala are chained at the Karachi Zoo by three legs each up to 15 hours a day on a hard, concrete floor. They are trapped within a 20 square-metre cage of thick iron bars. The other two elephants at Safari Park are experiencing a similar ordeal.

Source: Samaa TV