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Another cross-border love story: Indian woman arrives to marry man in KPK

An Indian woman has travelled to Pakistan in order to marry and stay with a man from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa after their Facebook friendship turned into a love affair. Thirty-five-year-old Anju, a resident of the Indian city of Delhi, embarked upon the journey to the country a few days ago to see her 25-year-old lover, Nasrullah, who hails from the scenic region of Upper Dir.

Fact Check: Grave with padlock turns out to be from India, Indian propaganda to malign Pakistan exposed

A shocking story run by major Indian media outlets to malign Pakistan has in fact turned out to be from India itself. Few days ago, Indian media outlets ran an unverified image of a padlocked grave stating that the practice was common in Pakistan for parents to protect the deceased bodies of their ‘daughters’ from being raped.

India terminates three Indian Air Force (IAF) officers for Brahmos missile misfire into Pakistan

The Indian authorities have held three Indian Air Force (IAF) officers responsible for the Brahmos missile misfire into Pakistan on March 9 and issued the termination orders after completing the probe. The Brahmos missile was misfired into from Haryana and landed in Mian Channu. However, no casualties were caused after its landing except damages to public properties.

Pakistan strongly condemns yet another case of ‘reprehensible’ remarks against Holy Prophet by BJP leader

Pakistan on Wednesday strongly condemned yet another incidence of “highly provocative and sacrilegious remarks” made by a BJP leader against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Foreign Office called upon the international community to take urgent cognisance of the aggravating Islamophobia in India and said it was the second time in the last three months that a senior BJP leader made disrespectful comments against the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Rana Sanaullah claims India also linked to anti-army propaganda in Pakistan

A joint inquiry team formed by the government detected a total of 774 social media accounts responsible for smear campaign against the military, with many of them found to be operating from India as well. The revelations were made during a session of the committee summoned by Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah for a briefing on the progress made in the case so far. 

Former Indian Minister makes a fool of himself after failing to understand Imran Khan’s political Tweet

In a rather embarrassing burst out, former Indian minister Rajeev Shukla made a fool of himself after failing to understand PM Imran Khan’s tweet regarding the current political situation in Pakistan. In a Tweet, PM Khan had congratulated the Pakistani team for their magnificent performance in the second Test match against Australia after which he referred to country’s political turmoil.

Indian court rules against use of Hijab, calls it ‘not essential to Islam’

An Indian court on Tuesday upheld a ban on the hijab in class in the state of Karnataka, observing that the headscarf was not essential to Islam. The court had on Feb 10 told students not to wear any religious clothing until it delivers a verdict on petitions seeking to overturn a ban on hijabs.

India ‘accidently’ fired supersonic missile into Pakistan

India said on Friday it had ‘accidentally’ fired a missile into Pakistan this week because of a “technical malfunction” during routine maintenance, giving its version of events after Pakistan summoned India’s envoy to protest. It was possibly a BrahMos missile — a nuclear-capable, land-attack cruise missile jointly developed by Russia and India. The missile was unarmed and had crashed near the city of Mian Channu.

Pakistan helps “distressed” Indian students fleeing Ukraine on humanitarian grounds

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Thursday that Pakistan had helped “distressed” Indian students fleeing Ukraine on humanitarian grounds. Qureshi’s remarks come after videos surfaced on social media purportedly showing Indian students sitting down and eating with Pakistani students in a cafeteria-like setting. Calling it a “challenging situation”, the minister said that the Pakistani embassy was playing its due role.

PM Imran Khan offers live debate with India’s Modi to resolve differences

Prime Minister Imran Khan has offered to have a televised debate with his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, to resolve differences between the two neighbours. “I would love to debate with Narendra Modi on TV,” PM Imran told Russia Today in an interview, adding that it would be beneficial for the billion people in the subcontinent if differences could be resolved through debate.