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Extravagant trend-setters in Japan fight Corona with million yen ($9,600) face masks

Japanese trend-setters can now protect against the coronavirus in luxurious style with opulent masks adorned with diamonds and pearls for a cool million yen ($9,600) each. Cox Co’s chain began selling the hand-made masks last week, with the aim of cheering up people and spurring sales in a fashion industry depressed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

British-Pakistani politician expelled from House of Lords over ‘sexual misconduct’

British-Pakistani member of House of Lords, Nazeer Ahmed has reportedly been expelled from the House over ‘sexual misconduct’. The Lords Conduct Committee on Tuesday published the report which recommended the expulsion of Lord Nazeer Ahmed for “failing to act on his personal honour” over sexual assault and exploitation. Lord Nazeer resigned after recommendation of the report came to the fore on November 14.

Muslim prayer app found selling location data to US military: report

The US military has purchased the location data of millions of Muslims from around the world who use a popular prayer app and a Muslim dating app, Vice’s Motherboard reported. The report found that Muslim Pro, an app which gives precise daily prayer times and also gives users the direction to Mecca in relation to their current location, was sending user data to X-Mode.

Pfizer announced positive early results from its coronavirus vaccine trial

The drug maker Pfizer announced that an early analysis of its coronavirus vaccine trial suggested the vaccine was robustly effective in preventing Covid-19. Pfizer, which developed the vaccine with the German drugmaker BioNTech, released only sparse details from its clinical trial, based on the first formal review of the data by an outside panel of experts.

UAE relaxes Islamic laws to become an even more attractive tourist destination

The United Arab Emirates has relaxed its Islamic laws by allowing the consumption of alcohol, criminalising “honour killings” among other legal reforms as it looks to boost investment and become an even more attractive tourist destination. In its legal reforms, the UAE has also scrapped punishment for allowing unmarried couples to live together. The Gulf country has also criminalised the “honour killings” custom.

Fulfilling a father’s dream: Emirati man ready to set sail for Karachi in world’s largest dhow

The world’s largest dhow, Obaid, is soon going to set sail from Dubai for the Pakistani port of Karachi, in an Emirati man’s attempt to fulfill his late father’s dream. Majid Obaid Al-Falasi is planning to pursue his father’s dream and set sail for Karachi in two months to reach the port where his father built the first boat four decades ago.

Another spy bird in India? Modi irked by parrot refusing to walk on his arm

An ‘anti-national birdie’ rose to fame after rejecting to walk on Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s arm. PM Modi was inaugurating an aviary during a two-day visit to the state of Gujarat. The park staff tried to get a Macaw to sit on the Indian PM’s arm. But the wise bird clearly refused, which left Modi a little irked.

Saudi man in unnatural state rams car into gate of Makkah’s grand mosque

Authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested a man late on Friday for crashing his car into the outer-perimeter gate of the Grand Mosque in Makkah. The driver – a Saudi national – was found in an unnatural state and was immediately detained and will be referred to the public prosecution.

India infuriated after Saudi Arabia issues bank note showing Kashmir as separate state

Saudi Arabia’s new banknote to mark the upcoming G20 summit has sparked an outage in India as it shows Kashmir with new borders as a separate state. The currency note in question was issued on October 24 by Saudi Arabia to celebrate the kingdom’s leadership of the Group of Twenty (G20) and the back side of the note is a world map.

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, Pakistani neuroscientist convicted by US, signs mercy petition

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist serving an 86 -years sentence in the United States, has finally signed a mercy petition. The news was revealed by Adviser to the Prime Minister on Parliamentary Affairs Babar Awan to the senate. Earlier Dr. Siddiqui had reservations over filing the mercy petition, but now the petition was being sent to US president through jail authorities.