Seventh grader brings to life ‘Pashtoon heroes’ by writing a book

Bilawal Latif Dawar, a seventh grader from Peshawar, beat boredom of staying at home by writing a book about the greatest Pathan personalities, calling it ‘Pashtoon Heroes’. The 12-year-old loves to read and write and wanted to utilize his hobby effectively to counter the negative narrative built about Pakhtuns. It took Bilawal three years to write the book.

Hailing from Hamzoni Alikhel village of Miramshah town in North Waziristan tribal district, Bilawla wanted to change the misconception in the West that Pashtuns are uneducated and uncivilized people and even militants. The 70-page book is about several legendary Pakhtun personalities, including kings, army generals, peacemakers and Sufi poets.

The book also sheds light on different Pakhtun dynasties and Pakhtun diaspora across the world.

The teenager says he had already begun work on a book on Balochistan – their land and people.

Source: Dawn