Faisalabadi couple beats the odds by wearing same shalwar qameez since 37 years

A couple from Faisalabad, Pakistan, has beaten all odds by wearing matching shalwar qameez since last 37 years of marriage. No matter what the color and pattern. Muhammad Nasir and his wife Shagufta have dressed up alike. After one year of the wedding, the couple decided to do something unique which had not been done before.

Since their decision, Nasir and his wife have been shopping together for their clothes. They carefully choose the material and embroidery for their matching outfits in a way that it suits both of them. Shagufta dons a matching dupatta to add feminine touch to her outfit.

According to the couple, their attires are a message of love to the world. The love birds are also always seen wearing the same locket with name of Allah.

Shagufta states that some people appreciate us, while some laugh at us with sarcasm. However, the couple has been together through thick and thin and continues to be each other’s best friend.

What do you think of their unique way of expressing love?

Source: Samaa TV