Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer makes her way from the streets to court

Pakistan’s first transgender lawyer, Nisha Rao, has made the country proud with her incredible journey from begging on the streets to the court room. Nisha, 28, escaped an abusive home in Lahore and came to Karachi but had to resort to begging. However, after observing the police’s brutality towards her community, Nisha decided to take up the profession of law. 

She attained her Law degree from Karachi’s Sindh Muslim Law College in 2018 and has fought 50 cases so far. Rao used to beg in the morning from 8am till 12 p.m and then take her classes from 2 p.m. onwards.

After being shunned for her feminine habits at school and home, Rao decided she wanted to do something for herself. She said she convinced herself and said that she is blessed with an intelligent mind and must do something to make life better for her community.

Nisha wishes to serve the transgender community through her non-government organization. She is mulling to set up a helpline where transgender can guide other community members. Also, building up an old age home for transgender is on her to-do list.

Source: Geo TV