Google releases documentary on Pakistan’s most loved food blogger- Mubashir Saddique

Mubashir Saddique and his YouTube food channel on village food is definitely one of the most loved channels on YouTube in the country and its no chance that it has been noticed globally. With a following of 2.84 million subscribers since 2017 from different parts of the world, Mubashir has undoubtedly achieved great success within a short time.

Google South Asia has now celebrated Mubashir Saddique and his very popular and fast-growing channel Village Food Secrets by featuring his success story through an inspiring short documentary, released on YouTube.

The video tells the story of a Pakistani village dweller, Mubashir, hailing from a remote village in Punjab, Shahpur, who used to live in Sialkot, where he worked at a football factory and would return home for the weekends.

That’s when he would cook for his family – an activity he enjoyed so much that when Mubashir’s passion for cooking led his brother to introduce him to vlogging, it became a source of content for his YouTube channel, Village Food Secrets.

The YouTuber took to his channel to thank his fans and followers with teary eyes after the release of the documentary.

Source: TechJuice