Author: Osama Tabasam

Raees Khan Inqilabi finds routes leading to 54 out of 72 lakes

Raees Khan Inqilabi, a resident of the Neelam Valley of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has made finding the routes to the 54 lakes in the valley easier for tourists. Raees Khan, also known as Sadpara of Neelam Valley, has done a lot to help the tourism industry in the Neelam Valley prosper. The team discovered inaccessible lakes in the mountainous region.

Astronomers detect mysterious ghost radio signal from the heart of Milky Way

A new study has identified mysterious radio waves coming from the Milky Way’s center. Nevertheless, researchers still do not know what lies behind them, the report stated. Scientists from around the world used the CSIRO radio telescope in Western Australia to discover the object. Apparently, the strange signal will be called ASKAP J173608.2-321635. The signal will be referred to as “Ghost”.

Fatima Changezi is first female naval officer to join Navy from Gilgit

Fatima Changezi was the first female naval officer to join the Navy from Gilgit. As a sub-lieutenant, she completed the 23rd Short Service Commission and received a gold medal. It became Fatima’s honor to become the first woman in her family to complete a psychology degree. Fatima’s decision to join the military was at the request of her father.

Pakistan improves its rating on global hunger index 2021, surpasses India

Pakistan has improved its ranking on the 2021 Global Hunger Index (GHI), however, the country still suffers from severe malnutrition. Pakistan ranked 92 out of 116 countries in the 2021 Global Hunger Index with a score of 24.7, which indicates a severe degree of hunger. Pakistan ranks lower than every other country in South Asia except India.

Taliban govt warns PIA to reduce prices or face ban

The Taliban government has warned PIA and Afghanistan’s Kam Air to reduce the prices on flights from Kabul to Islamabad or they will not be allowed to land in Afghanistan. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan issued a warning when PIA started charging up to USD 2,500 (Rs. 426,250) for tickets from Kabul to Islamabad.

Karachi students develop cheap and modern incubator to reduce infant mortality rate

A group of four students from Karachi has developed a cheap, modern incubator to help reduce infant mortality rates in Pakistan. The incubator comes in a portable package that is easy to transport. It is predicted to significantly lower infant mortality rates if commercially developed. This initiative is a significant improvement in the field of childcare in Pakistan.

West Indies Cricket confirms to send women’s cricket team to Pakistan

West Indies Cricket has confirmed sending a women’s cricket team to Pakistan, before the men’s team’s tour begins on Wednesday. In anticipation of the West Indies sending a women’s cricket team to Pakistan, Pakistan and the West Indies cricket boards are finalizing the schedule. The three matches will be played at the National Stadium in Karachi starting on the 8th of next month.

18-Year-Old Alishba Mohsin becomes Pakistan’s first female Jockey

The 18-year-old Alishba Mohsin became Pakistan’s first female apprentice jockey. She is currently studying for her A-levels in Lahore. She became Pakistan’s first female apprentice jockey following her first race on 10 October. Alishba participated in the Imtiaz Memorial Cup race in Lahore and finished sixth. She first joined the Lahore race club when she was 13 years old.

Hundreds of Amazon, Google employees urge their companies to end Project Nimbus with Israel

The employees of Amazon and Google have called on their companies to stop a $1.2 billion military contract with Israel. They have written an open letter to each of their companies asking that Project Nimbus be discontinued. The Project Nimbus was intended to provide cloud services to the Israeli government and military.

LHC prohibits roadblocks during international and local cricket matches

A Lahore High Court ruling has ordered the Punjab home secretary not to block roads during national and international cricket matches. It handed down its ruling following a petition from a citizen. The court heard the same petition last week and asked the authorities, “Who told you to block roads during matches?”