Pakistani-Canadian opens 22 ‘multicultural free libraries’ in Canada to promote different cultures

In a bid to promote Pakistani culture and other cultures in Canada, Pakistani National Syed Najam Hassan has established outdoor multicultural free libraries. New immigrants like Syed Najam Hassan faced some challenges in Calgary when they arrived in 2009. He noticed that new immigrants coming from different countries in Canada are having difficulty finding books in their own languages.

Moreover, they have problems getting to any of the public libraries, so he became the leader in addressing their needs. Considering many multicultural countries in Canada speak different languages, he got the idea to build an outdoor multicultural library.

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Consequently, he gathered all the books in different languages, as well as requested that other members of the community donate surplus books in various languages.

He has now opened 22 multicultural free libraries across Canada, and the number is increasing.

Source: Hayat Life