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Pakistan’s famous truck art moves from its highways to the skies

Pakistan’s famous truck art will move from its highways to the skies, as a flying academy is painting a two-seater Cessna aircraft with the colourful technique. Imran Aslam Khan, chief operating officer of Sky Wings, a flight training organisation, has decided to show the world that Pakistan is not all about Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and terrorism issues

Sindhi becomes first Pakistani language to be selected for digitization

The Sindhi language has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first language from Pakistan to be selected for digitization. The Universal Dependencies, a combined project of Stanford University and Google, is an ongoing project working to convert languages into machine-readable formats. It has, to date, selected 100 languages, including Sindhi out of the 6,000 human languages spoken globally.

Gilgit-Baltistan Girls Football League: Giving young girls in remotest areas opportunity to flex their muscles

In the conservative region of Gilgit-Baltistan, the Shimshal village is home of opportunities for talented young girls from remotest areas, who love sports and want to showcase their skills. Gilgit-Baltistan Girls Football League, found by two teenage college going Shimshali sisters Sumaira Inayat and Karishma Inayat, is a football league for senior school girls, of ages between 12-16 of the region

129-year-old British-era tunnel found from trash mound restored in Ayubia

The Ministry of Climate Change received heaps of appreciation for restoring a 100-year-old British-era tunnel found from a trash mound in Ayubia National Parl. The remarkable discovery was made while digging a pit for a plantation in Ayubia National Park in northern Pakistan. The historic ’Moto Tunnel’ built in 1891, which was buried in a garbage dump due to neglect.

School teacher’s woven charpoys gain fame on social media but no national support

Aijaz Bugti, a former teacher, from Nazar Mohammad village rose to fame for his beautiful woven charpoys after MNA Nafisa Shah tweeted about his work. Bugti received heaps of praises from social media users and his work as an artisan was highly appreciated. However, Bugti said that while his art is loved regionally, he has never received any support from national media or cultural department.

No place for history: Four men arrested in KPK for shattering ancient Buddha statue

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police has arrested four men who shattered an ancient Buddha statue found during construction work in the province’s Takhtbhai area of Mardan. Videos surfaced on social media showing a man breaking with a hammer a life-sized statue of Buddha, parts of which were still embedded underground. KP police later tweeted that pieces of the broken statue were recovered. 

PM Imran lifts restrictions on tourism industry

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday announced the reopening of tourism industry, a decision taken after the National Coordination Committee (NCC) meeting. While addressing a press conference, Mr Khan said that tourism industry will be reopened because coming months are essential for people associated with tourism. The governments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan would sit together and make Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Kalash spring festival will be a low-key event this year

The five-day Kalash spring festival of Chilim Jusht will be a low key event this year in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. The festival is scheduled to start from May 12 in the three valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur. The festival heralds the arrival of spring season in the valley after a harsh winter of five months.

Vienna Museum gathers pandemic-related artefacts

Vienna museum of city history appealed to submit artefacts of everyday objects to to document coronavirus pandemic for future generations. Some 1,800 photos of masks, signs and other objects have been received since the launch of appeal, spokeswoman Konstanze Schaefer said. She added that they want to see how they tell their children, or their children’s’ children about what happened in Vienna. 

Pakistan grants visa-on-arrival facility to 25 more countries

Pakistan has decided to grant the facility of visa-on-arrival to tourists from 25 countries taking the number to 50 countries. Vice Chairman Overseas Pakistanis Commission, Chaudhary Waseem Akhtar revealed the news on Monday, stating that the incumbent government has undertaken numerous initiatives to boost tourism in the country. The initiative will also project a soft image of Pakistan on the global stage.