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Pakistan set to reopen Jain Temple in Lahore after restoration

Pakistan is going to reopen the famous Jain temple after reconstruction and renovation. This temple stands in all its splendor and grandeur at famous intersection in Lahore, known as the Jain Mandir intersection. In 1992, two days after the Babri Mosque in India was demolished, a mob attacked the temple and damaged the building.

Washington DC Public Schools promoted Pakistan’s beautiful landscapes, cultural heritage, and exotic cuisine

The Pakistan Ambassador in Washington DC, Dr. Asad Majeed Khan, and Ms. Maliha Shahid, Press and Culture Counselor, attended a program held at Alice Deal Middle School in Washington DC. The purpose of the program was to promote the landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and exotic cuisine of Pakistan in public schools. Ambassador Khan invited students to the Pakistan Embassy to learn more about the country.

Top 12 places to visit in Pakistan in 2021

Pakistan has a spectacular natural landscape for tourists. The country’s mountains, lush green landscapes, and historical sites are among its main attractions. In Pakistan, there are a variety of landscapes and terrains, from mountains and rivers for the adventurous to archaeological sites for the curious to pristine beaches for those seeking a break from the crowds.

Five most renowned folk singers of Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of rich culture, with diverse religions, languages, and customs. While truck art, blue pottery, and other handmade artifacts are recognized nationally and internationally, Pakistan’s folk music is also widely appreciated. Through folk music, locals promote their cultural values throughout the world and connect regions. Pakistani folk singers earn huge respect and love globally for their unique genres.

PM Khan calls for rehabilitation of shrines to boost religious tourism

The PM Khan emphasized the need to restore and conserve shrines across the country to boost religious tourism. During the development and management plan meeting, Imran Khan referred to shrines as part of our heritage. Additionally, restoring and preserving these places is essential to the promotion of religious tourism. The premier was briefed on the restoration and preservation of historical and sacred sites in Lahore.

Five Interesting Facts About Pakistani Culture

The Pakistani culture contrasts starkly with its international image. Due to years of exaggeration and agenda-setting by news media, Pakistanis from all over the world often find it difficult to explain what their culture means. Here, various ethnic groups have distinct cultures regarding their dress, food, and religion, and pre-Islamic practices differ from Islamic ones.

PM Imran aims to preserve historical sites across the country

The government of Pakistan is taking measures to preserve the historical sites of Pakistan. The PM said in a tweet, “Lahore Fort has been restored and preserved for future generations. My government is committed to preserving and restoring all our historic sites”. Moreover, Pakistan is home to several historical sites that represent old civilizations.

Five most significant archaeological sites in Pakistan featuring fascinating history

There are many archaeological sites in Pakistan listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Pakistan has been privileged to acquire the remnants of thousands of years of ancient civilization, culture, and living patterns. These five most important archaeological sites in Pakistan, given below, will give you an overview of the world’s archaeological heritage.

Chinese visitors in awe of Pakistan’s culture at Shanghai exhibition

Pakistan’s national costume culture exhibition, “Threads of Pakistan,” is open to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China in Shanghai. Likewise, Chinese visitors laud the beauty of the Pakistani showpieces. Organizers of the exhibition include the National Institute of Folk & Traditional Heritage – Lok Virsa, Consulate General of Pakistan in Shanghai.

Pakistan ranks 105 among 149 countries in World Happiness Report

Pakistan is happier at 105 in a ranking featuring 149 countries in the World Happiness Report. Finland grabs the top spot as the world’s happiest country and India ranks 139. Afghanistan has been named the least happiest country on the list. Gallup World Poll, which asked people to vote on indicators such as life evaluations, positive and negative emotions, was used in the survey.