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Pakistan startup Sedenius Technologies developing Self Driving Technology

The Pakistani startup, Sedenius Technologies, is working on introducing Self Driving Technology in Pakistan. The company designs and develops software for cars with autonomous driving systems. Currently, the company is working on developing an ADAS that is calibrated and modulated by technologies like Multisensor Data Fusion and the Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework.

Formula Electric Racing NUST team secures 2nd position in Formula Student Russia 2021

The Formula Electric Racing NUST (FERN) has managed to grab 2nd place in the Formula Student Russia 202 1. The team competed against numerous other teams from around the world. NUST students placed second in all individual events, including Engineering Design event, Business Plan Presentation, Cost event, and EV Category.

Bitcoin mining to use 91TWh of energy in 2021- as much as Pakistan’s consumption this year

Bitcoin will use 91 terawatt-hours (TWh) of energy, which is almost equivalent to the total energy consumed by Pakistan. Bitcoin’s power consumption is closely linked to its mining costs and price expectations, as measured by the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index. The bitcoin network burns more and more energy in order to mine bitcoins.

Airlink Communication raises $38.5 million in largest private IPO in Pakistan’s history

Lahore-based Airlink Communication raised around $39 million in an initial public offering (IPO) on Tuesday at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). The offering was the largest private sector IPO in the history of Pakistan. Airlink received bids for 147.64 million shares against 90 million shares offered in a two-day book building. PSX details show that the strike price was Rs71.5 against the offered Rs65 per share.

Pakistan’s local mobile phone manufacturing outstrips imports

Pakistan’s telecom regulator said on Thursday that the country’s production of mobile phones has surpassed its imports of mobile phones. The number of locally manufactured devices reached 12.27 million from January to July 2021. In a statement, the PTA reported that 8.29 million mobile phones were imported during this period.

Pakistan’s IT export for July 2021 grow by a staggering 20%

In July 2021, Pakistan’s exports of IT remained strong with an increase of 20% compared to the export’s value of the same month of the last financial year. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) reports that the export of IT and IT-enabled services surged to $196 million in July 2021. Last year, the same month had exports worth $163 million.

Top 16 Fastest Acceleration Cars Commercially Sold In Pakistan

popular feature among many manufacturers. The goal of automakers is to have the fastest accelerating cars that can outrun their peers in straight drag races. Typically, the ‘0-100 KM/H’ method is used to determine how fast a vehicle accelerates.

Elon Musk reveals Tesla bot that can do all the boring tasks for humans

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shocked the audience on Tesla AI Day by announcing a Tesla Bot prototype, which is expected to be unveiled next year. The company provided a sneak preview along with some preliminary technical specifications, such as the use of Full Self-Driving technology. Furthermore, it will feature eight Autopilot cameras.

Pakistan launches first electric Taxi for northern areas

The SAPM on Climate Change of Pakistan, Malik Amin Aslam, officially launched Pakistan’s first Electric Taxi. The initiative will help cement PM Imran Khan’s vision for a Clean Green Pakistan. Amin Aslam says these e-taxis will save drivers Rs. 12,000 in budget costs. However, the government stands to save more than 2 billion from oil imports.

Facebook confirms its policy to ban pro-Taliban content from its platforms

The social networking platform, Facebook, reportedly banned ‘Taliban-related content’ across all of its platforms and apps. Additionally, Facebook has assigned a team of Afghan experts to monitor and remove content associated with the group. We have banned the Taliban from Facebook services under our Dangerous Organization policy, according to a Facebook employee.