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KPK leads in IT sector with successful 5G tests in Peshawar

The PTCL Group and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB) conducted 5G tests in Peshawar under the auspices of the Department of Science and Information Technology. During the demonstration, remote surgery, cloud gaming, and upcoming 5G applications in Pakistan were showcased. As soon as the infrastructure and systems are operational, surgeons will be able to perform surgeries in far-flung areas remotely.

Biden‌ ‌appoints Pakistani-born Lina M. Khan to regulate Tech giants Facebook, Google, and Apple

The first Pakistani-American, Lina M. Khan, legal expert and big tech critic sworn in as chairwomen on Monday. In addition, she became the youngest leader of the Federal Trade Commission. Moreover, she is now responsible for consumer protection and enforcement of civil antitrust laws. On Tuesday, President Biden’s nominee, Lina M. Khan, was confirmed by the Senate with 69 votes to 28 votes, replacing Joseph Simons.

Bitcoin skyrockets 12% after one tweet by Elon Musk

The price of Bitcoin was up by almost 12 percent to $39,432, wiping out losses from the past week, but still down 34% from last month’s record high. Meanwhile, most of the coins in the top 20 crypto-list experienced a similar upsurge. Tesla’s CEO said the company would begin accepting Bitcoin transactions if the crypto market shifts in favor of clean energy.

Hackers steal 780 GB of data from gaming giant EA, including FIFA 21 source code

Electronic‌ ‌Arts, the ‌company behind popular video games such as FIFA, Madden, Sims and Medal of Honor, reported that a hacker had entered its network, stealing game source code and tools of different video games. A cybercriminal forum claims that hackers stole the FIFA 21 source code. Moreover, data relating to Frostbite, the gaming engine used for creating the popular game, has also been stolen.

China to send first crew to live on space station

Chinese astronauts plan to spend three months on the space station performing spacewalks, constructing, maintaining the station, and conducting experiments. In addition, a cargo craft was sent into orbit in month before the main section of Tianhe went into orbit. Eventually, Chinese engineers transferred the Long March-2F Y12 rocket carrying the Shenzhou-12 spaceship to its launch pad.

Chinese government plans to launch 6G technology by 2030

Chinese company expects its new 6G technology to be on the market by about 2030. 6G technology could provide peak speeds that are up to ten times higher than 5G speed. GlobalTimes reports that the official documentation provides a clear path forward for 6G research and development, as well as setting a benchmark for the entire industry.

US e-commerce giant Amazon adds Pakistan to its approved seller list

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Affairs (SAPM) Shahbaz Gill announced the news that US e-commerce giant Amazon has added Pakistan to its approved seller list. Gill said Pakistan has now joined the global market which will result in billions for the country in the form of investment and employment opportunities. Accounts can now be made of Amazon using Pakistani details. 

Cryptocurrency Ether breaks past $3,000 to set a new record high

Cryptocurrency ether broke past $3,000 on Monday to set a new record high in a dazzling rally that has outshone the bigger bitcoin, as investors bet that ether will be of even greater use in a decentralised future financial system. Ether , the token transacted on the ethereum blockchain, rose 3% on the Bitstamp exchange to $3,051.99 by lunchtime in Asia.

Elon Musk’s company releases video of monkey playing video games with its mind

Billionaire inventor Elon Musk has revealed a shocking new footage that purportedly shows a monkey playing a video game “with his mind,” thanks to a cutting-edge brain implant known as a Neuralink. The device effectively translates brain signals into instructions for a machine — a science fiction-level achievement that could effectively turn a user into a cyborg.

Pakistani startup raises pre-seed funding of $320,000 to launch app for exam preparation

Edkasa, a Lahore-based education technology startup has managed to raise pre-seed funding of $320,000 to help launch a new mobile application for exam preparation. The new app will leverage and make use of Edkasa’s existing userbase of 55,000 students and more than 40 schools throughout Pakistan which currently avail its services, according to a statement from the startup.