US Intelligence Firms, Black Lotus Labs, accuses Pakistani Hackers of hacking critical Indian Govt Installations

A US-based threat intelligence firm, Black Lotus Labs, claims that hackers have targeted India’s most critical installations and power sectors. The firm also alleges that the cyber attack was coordinated by a Pakistan-based advanced persistent threat (APT) group. The group is so advanced that it can gather any type of sensitive data from any affected system, including keystrokes, files, and screenshots.

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In its report, the firm highlighted hacker attacks on a government organization and the power sector in India. In addition, hackers installed a Remote Access Trojan called RAT. Hackers can use this service to get access to hacked computers and access surveillance data. Black Lotus Labs claims that the hackers’ IP addresses are associated with a Pakistani network called Zong 4G.

Source: The Hacker News