17 Fast And Efficient Cars Loved by Pakistanis in 2023

Fast cars are like excitement machines. In the realm of automotive excellence, fast cars stand as thrilling embodiments of speed, precision, and engineering prowess. These mechanical marvels offer an electrifying experience that transcends mere transportation.

From iconic supercars sculpted for the racetrack to cutting-edge electric vehicles silently surging forward, the pursuit of speed has given rise to a symphony of roaring engines and futuristic whirs.


Let’s learn more about these cools cars and their specifications which make driving them an ethereal experience. We have rounded about 17 fast cars most loved by Pakistanis in 2023: 

1. Land Rover Range Rover

A trio of powertrain options—including a hybrid—deliver ample power; the brand’s largest SUV comports itself through traffic regally, with a smooth ride and a hushed interior.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax Torque @RPMEngine0 – 100 Kmph
523 @5500225 kmph14.01 kmpl750 Nm @18004367 cc4.5 seconds

Price: Rs. 35,500,000/-

2. KIA Sorento

The new KIA Sorento is a sophisticated blend of off-road agility, on-road sophistication and unparalleled refinement.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
280 @6300180 kmph8 – 11 kmpl336 Nm @30003500 cc8 seconds

Price: Rs. 11,800,000/-


The MG ZS is the latest in the evolution of the compact SUV, featuring a unique new exterior and loaded with technology.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
112 hp175 kmph11.5 kmpl150 Nm1498 cc8.2 seconds

Price: Rs. 9,500,000/-

4. Hyundai Tuscon

The design of the Tucson is not only attractive to look at, but also functional. Equipped with state-of-the-art powertrain, the elegantly designed exterior underlines its sporty look.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
155 @ 6200193 kmph12.5 kmpl192 @ 42001999 cc8.8 seconds

Price: Rs. 8,860,000/-

5. KIA Sportage FWD

Meet Sportage, your very own Urban SUV that combines high comfort and spaciousness, with class and innovativeness all in one revolutionary design, unlike any other.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
155 @6200129 mph11 kmpl196 Nm @40001999 cc9 seconds approx

Price: Rs. 9,050,000/-

6. Chery Tiggo

The Tiggo8 Pro is a 7-seater Trubo charged premium SUV ideal for those on the rise.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
145 @5500180 kmph8 – 10 kmpl290 Nm @4000 1600 cc9 seconds

Price: Rs. 10,399,000/-

7. Hyundai Elantra

The new ELANTRA introduces “DYNAMIC PRECISION”, the identity of a brand new exterior style through Fluidic Sculpture 2.0.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
152 @ 6200140 mph12 – 16 kmpl113.8 @ 4 0001197 cc9 seconds approx

Price: Rs. 7,130,000/-

8. Toyota Mirai XLE

Mirai’s craftsmanship is on display with every detail. Mirai generates power by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the outside air.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileage Max TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
182178 kph 402 miles per
fill-up of hydrogen
221 Nm3698 cc9.2 seconds

Price: Rs. 9,368,850/-

9. Toyota Corolla Altis Grande

With a dynamic, prestige-boasting exterior, an iconic interior, advanced features and technology, the new Corolla Altis Grande delivers a superior driving experience along with Toyota’s enduring promise of trusted quality and reliability.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
138 @6400240 kmph35 kmpl173 Nm @ 40001798 cc9.2 seconds

Price: Rs. 7,799,000/-

10. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Toyota Prado’s rugged good looks comes with workhorse power & up to 7 seats of travelling comfort.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax Torque @RPMEngine0 – 100 Kmph
235 @5200186 kmph5.8 kmpl410 Nm @16003956 cc (Petrol)9.45 seconds

Price: Rs. 9,560,000/-

11. Toyota C-HR Hybrid

The Toyota C-HR is an efficient self-charging hybrid which switches effortlessly between electric energy or a combination of petrol and electric power.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
96 @ 5400111 mph53 mpg142 Nm @ 4400179710 seconds approx

Price: Rs. 13,800,000/-

12. Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V 2023 is an international variant of Japanese Honda Vezel, a compact crossover without Hybrid technology.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
120 @6600200 kmph13 – 15 kmpl145 Nm @43001498 cc10. 2 seconds

Price: Rs. 8,200,000/-

13. Honda Vezel RS

Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
160 @6600124 mph27 kmpl156 Nm @ 46001496 cc10.7 seconds

Price: Rs. 14,900,000/-

14. Changan Alsvin

Where fashion meets mobility! Sized just right both from inside and outside for comfortable, and practical daily use. This is the epitome of technology and driving and is truly the smartest choice in its category.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
99 @ 6000175 kmph13 – 16 kmpl135 Nm @ 44001370 cc11 seconds

Price: Rs. 5,000,000/-

15. Toyota Fortuner 2.7 VVTi

Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
162.6 @ 5200190 kmph10.3 kmpl245 Nm @ 40002964 cc (Petrol)11.21 seconds

Price: Rs. 17,100,000/-

16. Honda BRV

The Honda BR-V is a subcompact crossover SUV manufactured by Japanese automaker Honda. The Honda BR-V 2023 boasts a bold and sleek exterior design that catches the eye.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax Torque @ RPMEngine0 – 100 Kmph
119 @ 6600175 kmph21.9 kmpl145Nm @ 46001497 cc (Petrol) 11.75 seconds

Price: Rs. 6,500,000/-

17. Toyota Rush

A vehicle with versatility. A vehicle that inspires. That feeling is a Rush. That vehicle is the Rush.
Horsepower @RPMTop SpeedMileageMax TorqueEngine0 – 100 Kmph
105 @6000175 kmph9 – 11 kmpl136 @42001496 cc13 seconds

Price: Rs. 8,329,000/-