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Pakistan’s renowned martial artist records 60th Guinness World Record

Pakistan’s renowned martial artist Irfan Mehsood has achieved another milestone after his 60th Guinness World Record was approved for the highest standing jump carrying a 60lb pack. The previous record for the highest standing jump was held by Silvio Sabba of Italy. Irfan said the highest standing jump he did carrying a 60 Ib pack was 96 cm (3 ft 1.79 in). 

Rashid Naseem breaks two more world records, taking his tally to 77

Pakistani Martial artist, Rashid Naseem, is on a roll as he breaks two more world records and takes his tally to 77. In his latest stint, Rashid topped India’s Prabhakar Reddi, who removed 68 bottle lids with his head in one minute. He also overcame China’s Xie Desheng with a nunchaku to extract the most (22) playing cards from two balanced bottles.

Pakistani martial arts athlete breaks Guinness World Record for most push-ups in one minute

A world record set by Spanish athlete Alejandro Soler Tari was beaten yet again by Pakistani martial arts athlete Irfan Mehsud from the South Waziristan tribal district. In a minute, Irfan Mehsud did the most push-ups carrying a 100lb pack. The world’s record for push-ups in one minute was 49. Irfan did 55 push-ups in one minute, surpassing that record

Pakistani girls bag three Guinness World titles after defeating India and Sweden

Two Pakistani girls have bagged three titles in total from the Guinness World Records after defeating India and Sweden. Emma Alam from Karachi, broke 2 world records, and teammate Syeda Kisa Zehra, broke 1 World Record. Both Alam and Zehra broke the world record in fictional dates previously held by India; however, the latter scored higher than the former’s record and thus got the Guinness World Records title.

Pakistani martial artist wins Guinness world record for walnut cracking head to head against India

Pakistan’s Muhammad Rashid made 45 records to his name by defeating S.Navin Kumar from India by cracking the most walnuts head to head in a minute. Rashid cracked 254 walnuts whereas, Kumar cracked 239. The Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts is the only academy in the entire world with over 50 records as Rashid Naseem has earned and put his name in each of the category.

South Waziristan boy breaks Guinness World Record for most Helicopter Spins

Eleven-year-old Daniyal Mehsood, a martial artist from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s South Waziristan district, has registered his name in the Guinness Book of World Record for most helicopter spins in one minute. Daniyal, a grade sixth student, did 78 helicopter spins in one minute.  He attempted this milestone on November 24, 2019, in Dera Ismail Khan and was informed about his record on July 23.

Pakistani athlete breaks Indian Guinness World Record

Irfan Mehsood, a martial arts athlete from Waziristan, Pakistan has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records after completing 48 one-leg elevated push ups in one minute while carrying a 60-pound backpack. He also broke the previous world record held by an Indian athlete with 34 reps in one minute. Guinness World Records has confirmed his entry via email. Its official website has also registered Irfan’s name as a new record holder.

11-Year old Pakistani boy sets new Guinness World Record

An 11-year old boy Aima’az Ali Abro who hails from Karachi, attained a new Guinness World Record during an international competition. The record he holds was for ascertaining the highest number of nations i.e. 57 just by their outline in one minute. Ali views his Guinness World Record as a stepping stone to achieving more greatness and has set his eyes on one day winning the Nobel Prize.