Pakistani martial arts athlete breaks Guinness World Record for most push-ups in one minute

A world record set by Spanish athlete Alejandro Soler Tari was beaten yet again by Pakistani martial arts athlete Irfan Mehsud from the South Waziristan tribal district. In a minute, Irfan Mehsud did the most push-ups carrying a 100lb pack. The world’s record for push-ups in one minute was 49. Irfan did 55 push-ups in one minute, surpassing that record

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In the push-up category, only Pakistani martial arts athlete Irfan Mehsud holds 23 world records. In addition, he broke 13 records previously held by India. Other records held by Irfan include those from the Philippines, Egypt, UK, Iraq, Spain, Italy, and the US. So far, Irfan has achieved 42 world records.

His main goal is to advocate a healthy lifestyle and stay active while promoting the Waziristan region. In the near future, Irfan hopes to attain a total of 50 titles.

Source: The Express Tribune