COMSTECH offers 500 scholarships for Palestinians at Pakistani universities

The COMSTECH, OIC-backed‌ ‌organization, in partnership with the Association of Public Sector Universities of Pakistan(APSUP), has announced 500 scholarships for Palestinian students and scholars in Pakistani universities. Iqbal Choudhry, COMSTECH’s coordinator general, announced that 370 scholarships have been committed by 24 institutions members of the APSUP. Moreover, 130 scholarships will be provided by public sector universities that are members of the COMSTECH Consortium of Excellence.

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In addition, Iqbal Choudhary said that occupant forces are waging aggressive warfare and imposing a siege on Palestinians. Furthermore, Palestinians are currently unable to access higher education and research. To qualify for the scholarships, students must be Palestinian refugees or Palestinian residents.

Source: The News