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High alert issued for Rawalpindi by intelligence services

Following an alert issued by intelligence services that militants could target security and other sensitive installations in the city, a high alert has been declared by the Punjab home department in the district with the police directed to be more vigilant of their surroundings. Militants may attack police stations within Rawalpindi and could also attack other sensitive installations.

Another 15-year-old Muslim boy set on fire in India

Unidentified individuals allegedly set a 15-year-old Muslim boy on fire in Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh on Friday for refusing to chant Jai Shri Ram, IANS reported. The boy is undergoing treatment at the Kabir Chaura hospital in Varanasi. However, the police denied that the boy was forced to chant the religious slogan, adding the boy gave different statements to different people.

PTI removes Iftikhar Loond as human rights focal person in Sindh

After reinvestigation, Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari announced the removal of Iftikhar Loond as focal person of human rights in Sindh. In a Tweet, Mazari said that ‘new evidence’ have been found and regretted the decision she had made earlier. Loond, who was appointed few weeks ago, has been accused of grievously assaulting one of his employees in Ghotki.

10 Pakistan Army soldiers martyred in multiple terrorist attacks

A total of 10 Pakistan Army’s valued soldiers embraced martyrdom, in two separate attacks on Saturday. The attacks were carried out by terrorits in Baluchistan and North Waziristan. According to the ISPR, the first incident took place when the soldiers were on regular duty patrolling of the border near Gurbaz area of North Waziristan near the Pak-Afghan border.

Firdous Jamal’s comments about Mahira Khan outrage fans

Pakistan TV legend, Firdous Jamal’s comments on Pakistan’s top rated star Mahira Khan, in a recent interview on a local media channel outraged many fans. Jamal called Mahira ‘a mediocre model’ and judged her acting skills negatively. He did not stop there and went on to call her ‘overaged’, adding she should be playing role of a mother, not a heroin.

United States expected to soften travel advisory on Pakistan

In another positive development, the United States has assured Pakistan that it will soften its travel advisory, enabling Islamabad to attract foreign investors. Adviser to PM on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood while talking to media said US was going to soften the travel advisory. Removal of travel advisory would mean both countries can engage in business activities.

Pakistan among 11 countries with highest cases of AIDS

An alarmingly high rate of HIV/AIDS cases in Pakistan has raised concern globally, resulting in United Nations labelling the country among 11 countries with highest ratio of the disease. Newly released report states that sharp increase in cases in Pakistan, despite grant of “massive funding” by international health partners, has proved to be a severe blow to global efforts to curtail HIV/AIDS.

Moving Mosques launched in Japan to cater Muslims in Olympics 2020

In order to extend maximum hospitality to Muslims, a Tokyo sports and cultural events organisation has launched initiative of Moving Mosques. A white and blue coloured 25-tonne truck that opens from back and doubles in width from side, will create enough room for 50 Muslims to pray. It also has a washing section where taps are positioned for cleansing purposes.

5-year-old dies in Syria while trying to save her baby sisters

5-year-old, Riham, held her two baby sisters, as the building in Ariha Town, Idlib province, collapsed on top of them after a Syrian Government air strike. While she was herself trapped under the rubble, She held on to her two sisters to stop them from falling off the edge. Unfortunately, she succumbed to her injuries in the hospital.

Mohammad Amir retires from Test cricket

Pakistan’s ace bowler, Mohammad Amir has announced his retirement from Test cricket with immediate effect. The bowler however, reaffirmed his commitment to playing white ball cricket for Pakistan. The 27-year-old cricketer shared that he was considering retirement from the format “for some time”, adding that it “has not been an easy decision to make”.