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Robots are serving food to quarantined people in China hotel

A hotel in China has employed robots as staff to serve food to guests to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The robots work on all 16 floors and glides across the hallway of the hotel and says. “Hello. Cute Peanut is serving meals. Bon appetit,” according to the translation. Guests wearing masks collect their food and go back to their rooms.

Five Pakistani students diagnosed with coronavirus

Five Pakistani students have been diagnosed with coronavirus in China, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing confirmed on Wednesday. He also said that the Pakistani students were immediately isolated and shifted to a hospital after they showed symptoms of coronavirus and also the government is trying to control the spread of the virus outside China.

PAF sends medical supplies to China as a gesture of friendship

After the Chinese foreign ministry had urged the world for help for curing coronavirus, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has sent a military aircraft loaded with medical supplies as a part of rescue services to China. The second batch of the supplies will land in Wuhan this week as the country continues its fight against the mysterious virus that has already infected over 14,000 people worldwide.

Large number of Pakistani students stranded in Wuhan seeks government’s help

At least 500 Pakistani students are reportedly stuck in the coronavirus-hit Chinese city of Wuhan. In a recorded video, the students have requested the  government to rescue them just like embassies of other countries are helping their citizens. “If even one of us gets affected, the others will be in danger,” said Hafsah Tayab, one of the students stuck in Wuhan.

Number of suspected Coronavirus cases in Pakistan rises to 5

Another suspected case of Coronavirus has emerged in Multan, increasing the number of cases to five in Pakistan. Two samples from Multan have been sent to Hong Kong for confirmation as there are no laboratories in Pakistan equipped to diagnose the pathogen. Test reports are expected to arrive in the next 24 to 48 hours. One of the two suspected coronavirus patients in Multan is a Pakistani national.

Pakistani labs not equipped to detect Coronavirus

As the threat of Coronavirus looms in Pakistan, there are no laboratories in the country equipped to diagnose the deadly virus. Special Assistant to the PM on Health DR Zafar Mirza has said that Pakistan has approached the authorities in China and The Netherlands to help confirm suspected cases of passengers arriving in the country. Pakistan has already started screening passengers at four airports of the country.

First case of deadly Coronavirus from China suspected in Multan

A Chinese man suspected to have contracted the coronavirus has been admitted to a hospital in Multan. 40-year-old, Feng Fen, had returned to Pakistan from Wuhan 10 days ago and was shifted from Chinese camp in Industrial Estate to Nishtar Hospital. However, National Institute of Health (NIH) has released a statement saying the case does not seem to be coronavirus and patient is stable.

Health ministry on alert after deadly Corona virus spread in China

The health ministry in Pakistan has directed concerned authorities to remain alert following the spread of deadly Corona virus in China. Special Assistant to the PM on Health Dr Zafar Mirza established a operation cell to monitor the emergency situation.The virus has spread to five countries including the US and has taken 17 lives so far.

4,000 Lahore Safe City cameras taken offline by Chinese company

Over 4,000 cameras belonging to the Lahore Safe City project are no longer working after a dispute between the project administration and the Chinese company managing the cameras. The dispute has arisen over Rs1 billion in dues not being paid. When the Chinese company didn’t receive the money, it shut down the cameras. The project uses CCTV cameras across Lahore to monitor crime and traffic violations.

HBL becomes first Pakistani bank to get branch license in Beijing, China

HBL has become the first Pakistani bank to be awarded the much-coveted branch license to offer financial services to clients in Beijing, China. The branch license was awarded by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) in December 2019. The preparatory work of setting up the HBL Beijing branch is now underway.