World’s most expensive biryani, topped with gold launches in Dubai

The world’s most expensive biryani has been launched in Dubai by an Indian-origin restaurant named the Bombay Borough UAE. Dubbed ‘The Royal Gold Biryani’, the world’s most expensive, gold-garnished biryani offered in Dubai has been topped with 23-karat edible gold and contains small potatoes, boiled eggs, mint leaves, roasted cashews, pomegranate seeds, and fried onions.

‘The Royal Gold Biryani’ is made from three different types of rice — comprising biryani rice, qeema rice, and white, saffron-infused rice — and weighs about three kilogrammes.

This is followed by a variety of grilled meats, such as skewered kebabs made from Kashmiri rams, spare ribs of lambs from old Delhi, Rajput chicken kebab, Mughlai koftay, and malai [creamy] chicken roast.

‘The Royal Gold Biryani’ is served with exquisite sauces, curries, and raita, as well as nihari, Jodhpuri curry, specialty almond sauce mixed with a raita made from pomegranate seeds, and edible golden leaves.

‘The Royal Gold Biryani’ is priced at INR19,707, which is equivalent to about AED1,000 or PKR43,300. Would you like to try it?

Source: Geo TV