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World’s most expensive biryani, topped with gold launches in Dubai

The world’s most expensive biryani has been launched in Dubai by an Indian-origin restaurant named the Bombay Borough UA. Dubbed ‘The Royal Gold Biryani’, the world’s most expensive, gold-garnished biryani offered in Dubai has been topped with 23-karat edible gold and contains small potatoes, boiled eggs, mint leaves, roasted cashews, pomegranate seeds, and fried onions.

Karachi robbers use biryani to enter house

Four robbers tried to enter a house in Karachi’s Baloch Colony on Saturday using a plate of biryani.  One of the robbers had knocked on the gate with a plate of biryani in his hand. He impersonated himself as one of the neighbours. The owner of the house took the biryani plate from him and closed the gate.

No biryani and daal chawal for Pakistani cricketers

In order to bring high fitness standards in Pakistan’s cricket team, Wasim Khan, the managing director of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has pledged to discourage the culture of Biryani and Daal Chawal in players’ diets. While speaking in a PTV Sports’ TV show, Khan said the board will hire qualified nutritionists to keep a close watch on cricketers’ daily diet.