World’s first “Fly and Drive” car is here

The world’s first ‘fly and drive car’ made its debut in the US at Miami, Florida on Tuesday night. It is aptly named the Pioneer Personal Air Landing Vehicle, or PAL-V, and comes with a retractable overhead and rear propellers and reaches at an altitude as high as 12,500 feet. It costs  $599,000 and to date Dutch company behind it has received 70 pre-orders. 

The three-wheeler transforms into a gyrocopter within 10 minutes and goes 0 to 60 mph in under 8 seconds. It is powered by normal petrol and can do 200 miles per hour in the air and 100 miles per hour on the ground. The car is made of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminium and weighs only 1,500 pounds. 

Source: Pro Pakistani