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Pakistan to be put in UK’s travel red list from April 9

Bangladesh, Kenya, Pakistan and the Philippines will be added to Britain’s travel “red list”, from April 9th, British High Commissioner Christian Turner announced on Twitter. People arriving from these countries will be banned unless they are British or Irish nationals. Turner said that direct flights between Pakistan and the UK would continue to operate but schedules could change.

New variant of coronavirus does not cause more severe illness than others : study

The latest disovered variant of the coronavirus does not appear to cause more severe illness than other variants, according to a matched study by Public Health England. Scientists say the new variant can spread more rapidly. According to the study, there was no significant difference in the likelihood of reinfection with the new variant as compared with the other variants.

Influential UK newspapers accept mistake in accusing Pakistan for imported COVID-19 cases

Five months after sensationally reporting that Pakistan was the origin of and responsible for half of Britain’s imported coronavirus cases, two influential UK newspapers have accepted that they published misleading and false headlines.  A story was first published on July 26 by The Telegraph newspaper with the headlines: “Exclusive: Half of Britain’s imported conronavrius cases originate from Pakistan”.

Pakistani entrepreneur turns UK’s iconic red phone box into takeaway restaurant

Pakistani entrepreneur, Tayyab Shafiq, has launched the smallest takeaway serving delicious Pakistani food in three used London phone booths with plans to open new franchises across the United Kingdom. Tayyab, 25, rented the booths from the Red Kiosk Company which reuses old phone booths by way of which he wants promote Pakistani traditions and bring back the golden sparrow image of Pakistan.

‘The world needs more Abdul’s’: Muslim man in UK praised for preventing theft

A Muslim man has earned praise from his neighborhood, by preventing bicycle theft at a railway station in UK. A social media user, named Steve Farmer, took to Facebook to recall an incident where his bike went missing outside a station. When Steve lost all hope of finding his bike, he saw a guy approaching him with a smile, he says he can never forget.

PIA to operate daily flights from Lahore, Islamabad to UK

PIA will be operating daily flights to the UK to send back stranded Britons and bring back stranded Pakistanis. The PIA spokesperson said the flights will start April 19 (Sunday). They will operate from Lahore and Islamabad to London, Manchester and Birmingham. The added that the permission was given after assurance that all safety measures will be implemented.

UK Declares Nikkah an Invalid Marriage Ceremony

Nikkah will no longer be considered a valid marriage ceremony in the United Kingdom. The Court of Appeal in the country has reversed an earlier decision from two years ago, which declared it a legal way of marriage.Judges said the fact they intended to have a further civil ceremony meant they must have known their Islamic marriage had no legal effect in the UK.

Child rapist caught in Punjab extradited to UK

A child rapist caught in Pakistan has been extradited back to the UK to serve a 19-year sentence. Choudhry Ikhalaq Hussain, 42, is among a gang in the UK’s Rochdale who were prosecuted for abusing a teenager. He was given judge’s permission in 2015 to attend a family member’s funeral and used this as an excuse to flee to Pakistan. 

UK crime agency says Rs28 billion transferred to Pakistan

The United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has transferred to Pakistan Rs28 billion obtained through a settlement with a Pakistani citizen in a civil lawsuit, according to a spokesperson. The amount was deposited in the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s account in the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP). The NCA corespondent confirmed that the agency had transferred the amount but declined to give any further information about where the money had been deposited. 

Number of Pakistani origin female candidates in UK polls reaches record 23

A record 23 female candidates of Pakistani origin will be participating in the upcoming general elections in UK, which will be held on December 12. The UK is set to break its record as more than 1,000 female candidates will take part in the elections. Total number of candidates vying for seats in the House of Commons is more than 3,300, 34% of which are female candidates.