Pakistani entrepreneur turns UK’s iconic red phone box into takeaway restaurant

Pakistani entrepreneur, Tayyab Shafiq, has launched the smallest takeaway serving delicious Pakistani food in three used London phone booths with plans to open new franchises across the United Kingdom. Tayyab, 25, rented the booths from the Red Kiosk Company which reuses old phone booths by way of which he wants promote Pakistani traditions and bring back the golden sparrow image of Pakistan.

Originally from Lahore, Tayyab Shafiq came to London to study at the University College London (UCL) four years ago. He is a qualified mechanical engineer.

Located just outside the Uxbridge Station on High Street; Tayyab’s “smallest takeaway in the world” serves chicken and lamb biryani, dal chawal, samosas, drinks and various other snacks.

He gets the food delivered to the booth twice a day and uses electric food warmers to keep the food hot and fresh. The three phone booths are secured by a password protected punching pad and Tayyab plans to install security alarms as well.

Source: Geo TV