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Lahore court sends Dua Zahra to shelter home after teenager says life under threat

A Lahore court on Tuesday sent Karachi teenager Dua Zahra to a shelter home following a court order. On Tuesday, Dua appeared before a magistrate’s court and claimed that her life was in danger as her parents were threatening her. She also claimed that they used to physically abuse her in the past. “My parents are threatening me with dire consequences,” she said.

Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin distances itself from video interview of Dua Zehra

Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin has distanced itself from a video interview of Dua Zehra and her husband Zaheer Ahmed that has been causing concern online. A bottle of the syrup was prominently displayed on the table in the video, leading netizens to speculate that the video had been sponsored by the brand. Several called for a boycott of the brand.

Elopement or kidnapping? Dua Zehra requests parents to accept her decision as family decides to pursue SC

Dua Zehra — who had mysteriously gone missing from Karachi in April — appeared on camera with her husband for the first time in an official interview with a YouTube channel. In the interview, Dua and Zaheer reveal the “actual matter”, while the teenager tells her parents that she has married according to Islamic laws but was sorry if her parents still think she has made a mistake.

Dua Zehra found her husband 3 years ago through PUBG, claims she is 18

Dua Zehra, who mysteriously went missing from Karachi over a week ago, is now married to Zaheer Ahmed- whom she found through PUBG three years ago. Dua who allegedly married out of her own will, says she is 18 as opposed to 14, like her parents claimed. Dua has filed a case against her father Mehdi Ali Kazmi and a cousin in a Lahore court.

Teenage girl kidnapped from Karachi has been traced: CM Murad Ali Shah

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has said that the whereabouts of Dua Zehra, a teenage girl allegedly kidnapped from Karachi’s Al Falah area last week, have been traced. Shah did not provide further details as he said the matter was “sensitive”. Meanwhile, Lahore DIG Dr Mohammad Abid Khan said Karachi police had provided Lahore police with a copy of the girl’s nikahnama (marriage certificate).