Sindh government plans to open Manora Beach shortly after major upgrades

Murtaza Wahab, Karachi’s administrator, announced on Wednesday that the government of Sindh is converting Manora Beach into a tourist spot. Wahab added that the provincial government is also constructing a promenade, a pathway for pedestrians along the beach. It is anticipated that the beach will be open to the public in the coming weeks.

Manora Beach Promenade being developed by #SindhGovt at night #KarachiWorks

Originally tweeted by Murtaza Wahab Siddiqui (@murtazawahab1) on Sep 13, 2021.

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Manora Beach in Karachi is a peninsula between Karachi Harbor and the Arabian Sea. Although it has been named an island, the beach is no longer an island, since it has been connected to the mainland by the Sandspit Beach. In addition to locals, the city’s tourist resort also attracts visitors from other cities. Tourists travel to Manora Island by boat from Kemari since the land route is arduous and off-route.

Source: ProPakistani