Sajid Sadpara rescued after ‘mental breakdown’ during Everest expedition

Sajid Sadpara, son of legendary Pakistani climber Ali Sadpara, was rescued Tuesday from the world’s highest mountain after suffering a nervous breakdown. Local media reported that Ali Sadpara suffered a nervous breakdown at Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Sajid Sadpara was accompanied by French mountaineer Marc Batard, his son, and Nepalese climber Pasang Nuru Sherpa.

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Local climbers were able to identify him using his passport. Rescuers tied him up to safely transport him back to the base camp after he was rescued. Young Sadpara is seen tied up in ropes in a video clip shared on social media. An ailing climber is then helped to drink water while a man cheers him up following the fatal incident.

Source: SsyedHhussain