Rawan Dweik, first female with Down syndrome memorizes ‌the Holy‌ ‌Quran

Rawan Dweik, a Jordanian girl with down syndrome, memorized the Holy Quran and became the first female to do so. When she realized how smart she was, her mother began teaching her the shortest of the surahs which she memorized very quickly. Moreover, at the age of 6, she enrolled in school, where she excelled.

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Rawan Dweik memorized Surat al-Baqarah by writing, and when she finished the exam she prostrated to God. Rawan memorized the Qur’an over a period of 7 years and completed it on the 29th of last Ramadan (2021). Once she memorized one, two, or three parts, she was tested on each of them. She is a gift from the Lord of the worlds and it gives me great pride and honour to have her,” said her mother.

Source: Bol Network