Pakistan’s Arshad Nadeem wins heart but misses out on gold medal at Olympics 2020

Arshad Nadeem, the first representative from Pakistan to qualify for the final stage of the javelin, however, failed to claim the Olympic medal and finished in fifth place at the event. In his first throw, he covered 82.4 meters, while the distance he covered in his second was a failure, and India’s Neeraj Chopra won gold.

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Of all the throws, Arshad’s fifth was a foul, covering 81.98m. It was a disappointing Olympic experience for Arshad. He is unlikely to compete on the podium due to a foul throw and his best throw was at 84.62m. Neeraj Chopra of India won gold with 87.58, while two Czechs claimed silver and bronze.

Source: The Express Tribune