Pakistani snooker player Babar Masih defeats Indian cueist at IBSF 6 Reds World Cup

Pakistani snooker player Babar Masih defeated an Indian rival in the 6 Reds World Cup on Friday to begin his campaign in the International Billards Snooker Federation (IBSF). Babar won the game in a dominant fashion, winning the group D match 5-0. Consequently, the Indian cueist became nervous and missed the crucial color ball which ultimately cost him the match.

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In the first frame, Ishpreet Singh Chadha missed pocketing a blackball that would have given him the victory. After Chadha’s attempt to pocket the ball wobbled, Masih found the ball just in front of the pocket’s edge and a cueball positioned at an ideal angle, giving him the early lead. He made the same mistake again in the second frame, missing an easy pink ball placed on its original position.

Source: MM News