Islamophobic content meets “community standards”: Facebook

Facebook says that Islamophobic posts distributed through a clandestine network of far-right pages meet its “community standards”. It was alleged that an Israel-based group had gained access to at least 21 far-right Facebook pages to hate targeting Muslims. Despite revelations that the pages are part of a coordinated scheme profiting from hate and disinformation, Facebook told users that the posts were acceptable.

The 21 pages were used to coordinate the distribution of more than a thousand “news” posts each week to more than 1m followers, spreading disinformation, promoting far-right politicians and vilifying prominent Muslim politicians. The Facebook posts funnelled users to a cluster of ad-heavy websites, all controlled by a single entity.

When asked why the posts were deemed acceptable, a spokesman said Facebook’s investigations into the matter were ongoing. The network has been partially dismantled since public reports about its existence. Facebook took some pages and accounts offline on Friday.

Source: The Guardian