Interior Ministry places Murderer Zahir Jaffer’s name on the PNIL, Blacklist and ECL

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said Zahir Jaffer’s name has been placed on a provisional no-fly list known as the Provisional National Identification List (PNIL). In addition, Rasheed said Zahir’s name will be added to the Exit Control List (ECL). On Monday, the Islamabad court extended the physical remand of Zahir Jaffer by two days.

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Zahir Jaffer has been taken into custody for brutally murdering 27 year old Noor Mukaddam. Additionally, it was recommended by police that the Interior Ministry should add the name of the suspect on the ECL. The Islamabad Police have arrested the parents of Noor’s killer Zahir Zakir Jaffar, Zakir Jaffar, and Asmat Adam Jee. Police also arrested two servants Iftikhar and Jamil on suspicion of hiding evidence and aiding and abetting.

Source: The Current