Talha Talib misses out on Tokyo’s maiden Olympic weightlifting medal for Pakistan

The Pakistani athlete Talha Talib just missed his first weightlifting medal at the Tokyo olympic 2020 on Sunday. Talha Talib finished 5th in the competition. He was competing in the 67kg men’s weightlifting contest. He was surpassed by the athletes from China, Colombia, and Italy. In spite of the lack of a coaching staff, the 21-year-old Pakistan weightlifter showed his mettle.

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Talha fell while at his first attempt at the clean and jerk after lifting 150kg in the snatch lift. He lifted 170 kg in his last attempt to achieve an overall lifting weight of 320 kg. Talha led the board for a while, but Han Mayekon, of Korea, lifted 174kg in the clean and jerk lift to knock Talha down to second place.

Source: Geo News