‘I will play’: Pakistani guitarist furthering his passion with a bionic arm is the motivation we all need

An unfortunate accident left 26-year-old engineer and guitarist, Muaaz Zahid, amputated in his arm below the elbow, but his escalating hope and passion is the motivation we all need to move on. Barely three months after the accident that nearly cost him his life, Zahid, played his first chord last week, with the help of a local startup called BIONIKS.

BIONIKS, which provides orthotics and prosthetics services in Karachi, fitted Zahid with a bionic arm and a customized stroker for guitar strings. Zahid, who teaches at the prestigious Lahore Institute of Management Sciences, is now waiting for a gig he could play at.

“But even if there is no gig or concert,” he said, as the weeping of his guitar filled the university room. “I will play… and I will play.”

In this undated photo, Muaaz Zahid performs at a concert in Lahore before an accident on July 4, 2020, in Faisalabad, Pakistan. (Photo Courtesy: Muaaz Zahid)

After Zahid lost his arm by accidentally touching a high-tension wire, few believed Zahid would ever play the guitar again.

“Immediately after the incident…I was hopeful,” Zahid said. “I just thought… I’m alive. I’m healthy. My legs are moving, my brain is working, my eyes are okay, everything is fine.”. “It was clear to me that I would play again one day.”

Source: Arab News PK