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Separated during Partition, two brothers reunite after 75 years in Faisalabad

Separated during Partition, Indian citizen Sikka Khan (78) was warmly welcomed when he arrived at the house of his brother Siddiq Khan (80) in Faisalabad. Sikka (real name is Muhammad Habib) and Siddiq Khan were separated during the Partition of India. Their father was killed in the violence, Siddiq and his sister moved to Pakistan while Sikka was left in India along with his mother. 

Faisalabadi couple beats the odds by wearing same shalwar qameez since 37 years

A couple from Faisalabad, Pakistan, has beaten all odds by wearing matching shalwar qameez since last 37 years of marriage. No matter what the color and pattern. Muhammad Nasir and his wife Shagufta have dressed up alike. After one year of the wedding, the couple decided to do something unique which had not been done before.

Faisalabad textile industry reopens despite COVID-19 lockdown

The textile industry in Faisalabad has resumed operations despite the lockdown. An owner of a power loom said that the industry was reopened after taking into account the financial woes of workers. He said factory owners will only be able to pay their employees if business continues. Some industrial units are screening their workers for the coronavirus and making sure they follow the SOPs issued by the government as well.