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Chairman PTA orders to arrest social media users sharing inappropriate content

The chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Amir Azeem Bajwa has recommended that social media users be arrested if they continue to post “inappropriate content” on the social media app “Tik Tok”. It was suggested in the context of immoral and insensitive content found on the app since its introduction in Pakistan.

Taliban thanks world for promised aid, asks United States to show “heart”

Taliban leaders on Tuesday thanked the international community for providing emergency aid to Afghanistan and urged the United States to show a “heart” in future dealings. Acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi said that donors’ money would be spent wisely and used to fight poverty. “America is a big country, they need to have a big heart,” he said.

Pakistani athletes wins 4 gold medals, a bronze in worldwide cultural festival Romania

Pakistani athletes won four gold medals and a bronze in the 5th International Cultural Festival Romania (Europe) 2021. Rukhsar Gul, Majid Fareed, Basharat Ali, and Mohammad Rashid each won a gold medal in the Mas-Wrestling competition. Rukhsar competed in the 65Kg category, Majid in the 80Kg category, Basharat in the 90Kg category, and Rashid in the 90Kg category.

Lahore administration seals city’s famous Butt Karahi restaurant for serving dead animals’ meat

The Lahore administration has sealed the popular Butt Karahi restaurant that serves customers’ dead animals’ meat. As reported, the city administration raided the eatery late on Sunday and found dead animals in the storage. The restaurant was immediately sealed and the manager was promptly arrested. The raid was led by Assistant Commissioner Faizan Ranjha.

Muhammad Boota from Rawalpindi passes MBBS in 42 years after 84 attempts

A 42-year struggle has finally paid off for Muhammad Boota, who passed all his MBBS exams after 84 attempts. He started the MBBS program in Rawalpindi in 1979 came with numerous challenges as it required passing three specific subjects. After several attempts, Boota finally succeeded. He received the degree of MBBS from the University of Health and Sciences in Lahore in 2021.

Differently-abled food vendor, Talha Khan sells homemade Briyani to earn Living in Islamabad

A netizen recently shared a photo of a young entrepreneur, Talha Khan, selling homemade food on social media. The post went viral because the deaf seller is supplying homespun edibles on the streets of Islamabad that are hygienic and delicious. He owns a small business called Fresh n Frozen, located in front of KFC at I-8 Market.

India’s $3bn funding to destabilize Pakistan through Daish/ TTP goes to waste after Taliban takeover

The Indian government has invested $3 billion in infrastructure, training Afghan forces, and other projects in Afghanistan. Since 2001, they have been doing this in order to destabilize Pakistan and establish a network for a permanent foothold there. In order to achieve its nefarious objectives against Islamabad, Delhi also trained elements of IS/TTP on Afghan soil.

Indian general shows a picture of Pakistani actors as Pak army commandos died in Panjshir

Indian general once again shows a picture of Pakistani actors as Pak army commandos died in battle of Panjshir. Harsha Kakar, an Indian general, tweeted a picture of Pakistani actors Shaan Shahid, Umair Jaswal, and Bilal Ashraf, saying they were Pakistani commandos who died in Panjshir. A spokesperson for the Pakistan Army, General Baber Iftikhar, rejected this information as false and irrational propaganda by the Indians.

President Alvi says govt may offer amnesty to TTP who lay down arms

Arif Alvi said his government could consider amnesty for the Pakistani Taliban if their members lay down their weapons. Furthermore, he said that they must abandon their ideology and abide by its Constitution. In spite of this, Alvi acknowledged that the Pakistani Taliban were still a threat to Pakistan. Taliban representatives say TTP militants can stay in Afghanistan but cannot continue anti-Pakistan activities.

France exposed for financing ISIS in Syria while blaming Pakistan at FATF

According to official records, French cement giant Lafarge funded ISIS in Syria, exposing France’s duplicity. The French leaders were however aware of these pro-terrorist activities. It appears that the cement firm regularly informed the French intelligence service of its relationship with Daesh/ISIS in Syria from the documents obtained by the Turkish Anadolu Agency.