Petroleum dealers threaten to close down pumps from 22 July after government failed to honour its commitment 

Petroleum dealers in Pakistan have issued a warning to close down filling stations across the country indefinitely, starting from Saturday morning. The decision comes after the outgoing government failed to honour its commitment of increasing their profit margins, leaving them dissatisfied with the current situation. Minister of State (Petroleum Division) Musadik Malik had reached out to the association’s chairman.

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However, if no meeting takes place or if there is no satisfactory outcome, the strike will continue, except on the two days of Muharram 9-10 (falling on July 28-29) to ensure that the religious event is not affected.

The outgoing government had fixed the margin at Rs6/litre and assured the conversion to 5% later on. Despite the association’s repeated efforts to hold a meeting with Malik, they have faced indifference in response, further exacerbating their frustration.

Source: Express Tribune