Government to burden power consumers with Rs. 15 license fee to steer Radio Pakistan out of crisis

The federal government has decided to overburden power consumers with additional charges to steer Radio Pakistan out of crisis. Finance ministry officials said the state TV fees will be increased from Rs35 to Rs50 on electricity bills and Rs15 would be given to Pakistan’s national broadcaster from it. The decision to charge Rs15 from consumers on their electricity bills was taken on recommendations of senate standing committee.

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Earlier in February this year, the Senate committee recommended charging Rs500 “radio fee” from all vehicles, excluding motorcycles, at the time of registration to generate additional Rs15 billion per year revenue for the financially-hit state-run Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC).

The recommendation came from a sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting which met under its convener Irfan Siddiqui of the ruling PML-N to discuss issues related to the PBC’s serving and retired employees who had been facing great hardships due to financial crunch for more than a decade.

Source: ARY News